Simon Kinberg Could Finish the First Star Wars Spin-Off Script

You may have seen over the weekend headlines along the lines of “Star Wars shake-up!” and such, regarding Gary Whitta, who’s been working on the script for the first Star Wars spin-off due out in 2016, leaving the project.  With filming set to begin in a couple months (we’ve been hearing March/April), several people have been trying to sensationalize the news and make it seem bigger than it is.  

What we know is that Whitta has been working on the script for a year, and has turned in a draft of the script (and no, it wouldn’t be a rough draft at this point), and has decided to move on.  The departure is amicable, but this leaves the question, who’s going to finish up the script for shooting in the next couple months?  Looks like Slashfilm has the answer as they’ve heard that Simon Kinberg will be taking over writing duties: 

At Lucasfilm, Kinberg is a consultant on The Force Awakens, a writer and producer on Star Wars Rebels, and writer of at least one standalone movie. Whether or not that became this film or is another remains unclear. But Kinberg will be taking over duties for Whitta on this movie.

This seems to make a whole lot of sense.  In fact, if this isn’t the way Lucasfilm decided to go, I’d be scratching my head in confusion.  It was announced a couple years ago that Kinberg would be writing a Star Wars standalone film (though which one isn’t clear), plus he’s been heavily involved in Star Wars Rebels and generally all things related to the galaxy far, far away.  Bringing him on to polish up the draft and turn in a shooting script is a no-brainer type situation. While Lucasfilm hasn’t confirmed any of this yet, and it’s still technically a rumor, don’t be surprised if this turns out to be entirely accurate.

Now let’s make something fairly clear here, as some people seem confused or just want to trump up the story.  They are NOT starting over on the story/script.  The story has already been hammered out and essentially set for a while now, and Whitta didn’t turn in a rough draft.  So we’re talking a script that’s nearly done and maybe another draft or two away from shooting.  I imagine Kinberg (who’s likely been helping already on this one) is mostly doing rewrites and polish work.  So don’t go in assuming the whole thing has been turned upside down.  The film is still set for a December 16, 2016 release and will still begin filming in a few months.  

What do you guys think about Kinberg taking over this Star Wars movie?  


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