Star Wars: Episode VII Delay Rumors Pop Up Once Again

Over the weekend, you may have seen the announcement from Lucasfilm that two new cast members had joined Star Wars: Episode VII.  On top of that, they announced a 2-week hiatus of filming to re-schedule some things, but ultimately the film was on track for it’s December release date.  This seemed to end the matter of the persistent rumors surrounding the film that the film would be delayed due to Harrison Ford’s injury…now they’re coming back.

This time, the rumor is coming from Latino Review, who has some good sources and even claimed that everything was good to go.  Now he’s hearing differently.  Previously, they had reported that Kathleen Kennedy (the lady in charge of Lucasfilm) and JJ Abrams had both asked Disney’ Bob Iger to delay the film to give them more time.  Bob Iger said no, wanting to deliver the film in 2015 as he’s been promising Disney’s shareholders.  It appears, however, as though they’re trying to keep pushing the matter. 

JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy aren’t done wrestling with Bob Iger to push Star Wars: Episode VII back into 2016 with Batman, Superman and Captain America.

From the sounds of it, however, the reasons for the delay are more with inter-studio politics than anything, and that Harrison Ford’s injury will be used as an excuse to delay the film rather than being a necessity.  What it basically boils down to, is JJ Abrams wants more time.  He didn’t get all that he wanted in regards to this film, and it’s also the reason he’s pulled himself out of the pool for future Star Wars films (which is something I mentioned when news of Rian Johnson taking over Episode VIII dropped). 


Abrams likes to do things on his own terms, and being forced into a schedule isn’t something he’s comfortable with, especially when he has so much love for a project.  As such, he’s doing what he can to get more time for Episode VII, but likely knows he won’t be so lucky with future films.  Kathleen Kennedy is making a stand by showing that Lucasfilm is willing to stand by their filmmakers, instead of bending them to their will (as Marvel has been doing). 

The rumor mentions May 2016 (more specifically the date would likely be May 4th, official Star Wars day) as the release date that they want.  While it’s not necessarily a huge delay, I know I’d be pretty bummed about it.  Frankly, I think Disney is going to do everything possible to release the film on the date given.  If they decide to delay the film, it’s going to be interesting to see what happens next.

TONS of films are already slated for May 2016, including a a Disney and a Marvel flick, not to mention Warner Bros. Batman v. Superman movie.  There’d likely be a lot of shuffling going around with release dates if Kennedy and Abrams get the delay the want, so you’d think they would have to announce something soon, so they could start rearranging their own schedules. 

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but I for one just want to know.  If it’s delayed, I’ll be saddened, but knowing for sure is better than this constant back and forth on the rumors.  Come on Disney/Lucasfilm, give us something!

What do you think of the latest rumor?  Do you think a delay will happen?  If so, how would you feel about it?