Star Wars Rumor Round Up (October 1st)


AT-AT Returns…..As A Home?

Badass Digest reports that AT-AT’s will return, but only because one character will be living in one. They report that the character being played by Daisy Ridley will in fact be living inside an AT-AT that crashed in a previous battle. The entire thing will be a connection to the older series of films.

Okay, but why is that so important? Well according to rumors from before Daisy Ridley is playing an important character. She lives on a desert planet, rumored to be Tatoonie, and isn’t exactly wealthy (thus she lives in a salvaged AT-AT), which allows her to be a salvage worker. During this time she comes across a lightsaber which makes her become a badass character, so badass that this is what begins Episode 7. In fact in an alternat source, Making Star Wars has a write up of exactly how that opening scene is.

For those that don’t know exactly what an AT-AT is, it’s the giant camel looking machines pictured above. One of the biggest scenes in past movies was watching one of them come tumbling down, but they were mostly used on Hoth, an icy planet, but desert sand isn’t much different.


But Wait, That Isn’t How Episode 7 Begins

Yes, rumors have suggested that Daisy’s character will begin the film, but that for sure isn’t confirmed at all. So there are other possibilities. One of them is that a “little blue guy” will instead play that role. Again according to Badass Digest they suggest that finding a lightsaber and using that as power is indeed correct, but Daisy’s character finding it is what is wrong.

Instead this little blue guy finds the saber and brings it to Daisy’s character, rumored to be named Kira. She has a few pals that are odd acting and Von Sydow’s character spots the Saber. He then “talks about the good ole days” where he names a few previous trilogy characters. After that the group leaves, but the Von’s character stays and calls a “dark figure” to note “It’s here.” All the while giving the audience the key knowledge that this character is not to be trusted.
So basically the entire opening sequence of Episode 7 will be nostalgia for fans and we will go insane with nerdgasm’s! That is if any of this rumor is to come true, but remember this is just a rumor. 


And Yet Luke Comes In To Play Somewhere

Okay so far we have a lightsaber and Daisy’s character does something with it, but what exactly? Well we told you that perhaps it’s a signal, and other rumors suggest this means Luke will come in. According to these rumors upon finding the Saber the crew immediately goes out looking for Luke, thus the call back to “old times.”

Jedi News suggests otherwise. According to their source (which they claim themselves may or may not be legit) upon finding the Saber the group gets in some trouble. Once they are in a bad situation it is then that they seek out Luke Skywalker. Interesting right?

Well if you remember in past interviews several people suggested Luke could easily become an Obi Wan style character, helping others and being a guiding figure. This situation is what allows him to become this style character in Episode 7. Though it is unclear how much more trouble this causes, or where Luke exactly is and how long it takes to find him. For all we know if this rumor is true then the entire Episode 7 will be about finding Luke.

Overall all these rumors are coming from different sources it seems, and each one is about something different. I think by cross referencing them you could get an idea of the opening, but overall still cannot get the details due to the ideas crossing paths. So remember, these are just rumors and we will confirm anything as soon as we can! After all all of us at Cinelinx are huge Star Wars fans too!