Which DC Character is The Rock Gearing up to Play?

The biggest-grossing star of 2013 ended the year with a Twitter Q & A where he offered a tantalizing bit of info that will excite comic fans. The Rock has revealed that he has been meeting with Warner Bros. about a DC project. The Rock Tweets…



The tweet is rather non-specific and uninformative but it’s enough to cause the speculation to begin. What project is the Rock in negotiations for? Who will he be playing? Will he be a good guy or a bad guy?

With the Rock’s towering height and powerful physique, he would dwarf Henry Cavill’s Superman, so it’s unlikely he’d be playing another hero in Man of Steel or Justice League. Of course, he could be playing a villain. Could you imagine the Rock as Doomsday or Darkseid? It’s also possible he could be starring in his own film. There have been rumors in the past connecting the Rock to a Lobo film. There has also been some speculation in the past about a film based on Captain Marvel/Shazam. If not cast as the Captain himself, the Rock would make an awesome Black Adam!

[Editor’s Note: The latest rumor now points out that the Rock could possibly be playing the new Green Lantern (the Jon Stewart version) which would include a cameo in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman


Obviously it’s all conjecture at this point, but the scuttlebutt surrounding this particular rumor is gaining ground.]

Who do you think the Rock might play in a future DC project?