The Avengers Will Have More Teamwork and Ultron Will Have Multiple forms in Avengers sequel

The plot of Avengers: Age of Utron is a source of considerable curiosity for film and comic fans. A lot of information has come out recently via the site JoBlo, who claim to have the inside lowdown on the anticipated sequel. If all these rumors turn out to be true, the sequel may match the quality of highly regarded first film.

According to JoBlo, the film will begin with a battle sequence in a forested area of Africa, where the reunited Avengers will be fighting the forces of Baron Strucker and Hydra, along with the “miracle twins” Pietro and Wanda, better known as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch (already seen in the post-credit sequence of Captain America: the Winter Soldier) The fact that part of the film takes place in Africa could mean that the Black Panther may make an appearance.

Also, Ultron’s body is supposed to be made of vibranium (like Cap’s shield) in this film, so the opening scene could explain where the rare metal is found. The mechanical villain’s appearance will take on many forms in this movie, with three separate bodies being used, which will be realized through James Spader’s motion-capture work. Similarly, the former JARVIS, now the Vision (Paul Bettany) will also upgrade his body several times until his final form is revealed near the end of the movie. 

The site reports that the Avengers will act as more of a team than they did in the first movie. Apparently, Tony Stark is sponsoring the team now, having renamed Stark Tower as Avengers Tower (He even has a team logo for the group to wear on their costumes.) He’s been using an army of remote-controlled Iron Man robots instead of donning the armor himself. (Don Cheadle will have a cameo as War Machine) He’s also designed them an Avengers Quinjet. Captain America has been pulled away from his search for Bucky to act as the field leader of the team (Anthony Mackie may have a cameo as the Falcon). Thor is living on Earth with Jane Foster and is recruited back to the group. The Black Widow and Hawkeye are no longer working for SHIELD. The Hulk will be back sporting a new pair of expanding/contracting pants. The team is being very public and visible in order to make people feel safer after the fall of SHIELD.  

Avengers: Age of Ultron will hit theaters on May 1st, 2015.