The Next Green Lantern Movie Could Focus on Both Hal Jordan & John Stewart?

Marvel’s out of SDCC this year (as far as movies go), and so are Paramount and Sony.  That leaves Warner Bros with an awful lot of room to blow fans away.  We know they have big plans for their DC movie universe, and next months’ event seems like the perfect place to finally talk more about it.  They’ve already announced a new Green Lantern movie is coming in 2020, but the hero will likely show up in both of the upcoming Justice League films well before then.  Fans have been speculating back and forth as to which iteration of the superhero should be used this time around, and Collider may have your answer. 

“Keep in mind that the movie is still in early development and a lot of things can change, but we’re hearing that the new Green Lantern movie will focus on more than one human Green Lantern…The most popular Green Lantern is Hal Jordan, who was the main character in the 2011 movie. However, Guy Gardner and John Stewart later followed Jordan, and they weren’t the last in the comics. But we’re hearing  possibly two or all three—Jordan, Stewart, and Gardner—could be the leads of Warner Bros’ Green Lantern reboot.”

Well now!  That would certainly shake things up a bit, and ensure that the fans are happy and able to see the characters they know and love.  I like the idea that the film would focus on more than one, meaning it would really be more about the Green Lantern Corps in general (something the first film desperately needed).  There’s a lot of great story to explore with a galaxy spanning peace-keeping force, and implementing multiple main heroes might be the best way to showcase that.  

Better yet, they go further to say that WB might be planning on bringing their new Green Lanterns out on the stage at SDCC, meaning they may already be cast.  Latino-Review has added to the report, saying they’ve heard that Chris Pine is up for the Hal Jordan role, despite previously being reported for Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman.  No word on who John Stewart might be, but if this pans out, we’ll know soon enough.  

What do you guys think of this new rumor?  Would you like to see more than one version of the Green Lantern hit the big screen throughout the DC films?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!