The Solo Batman Film Could Go Under the Red Hood

There’s been a bunch of speculation surrounding the new incarnation of the Dark Knight on the big screen, including fan theories about the new Joker being Jason Todd (he’s not) and even Affleck not portraying Bruce Wayne (he is).  For a while now, rumors have claimed that Affleck would be directing and starring in the upcoming Batman movie, which would be the first solo adventure of the new caped crusader.  While that remains to be confirmed, it sounds like him and Geoff Johns (DC comics editor) are developing the script together. 

Joblo (who were dead on with their scoop about the rumors of Hulk joining Thor: Ragnarok) is reporting that the upcoming Batman flick will adapt the Death in the Family and Under the Red Hood comics into one story:  

According to our sources, the basic plotline of Affleck’s solo Batfilm is that Jason Todd has returned from the grave as the Red Hood, working in the shadows to make people think he’s Batman, while making  Batman look like a criminal. At the same time he leaves clues about his identity for Bruce/Batman to ultimately solve, leading to a confrontation that will involve Batman, Red Hood, and yes, The Joker, who will feature as a primary villain alongside Red Hood.

My guess here would be that they’d handle Death in the Family as flashbacks throughout the film, as Batman tries to piece the mystery together.  Joblo also claims that Nightwing/Dick Grayson would play a role in the film as well after getting a passing mention in next year’s Dawn of Justice.  

robin suit sign

We’ve seen hints of Robin already in the Batman v. Superman trailers, clearly showing that something horrible happened to him at one point.  While we don’t know which version of Robin is featured, many have already made the Jason Todd connection (including myself).  This would make sense for them to lay the groundwork early on in their cinematic universe, and would lead in perfectly to Batman’s solo adventure.  

Frankly, I’m stoked to hear this news.  While it’s still early, meaning things can change, and still a rumor, I find myself loving this idea.  It’s a kind of story we haven’t seen on the big screen before with Batman.  We’ve seen him go toe-to-toe with villains of various kinds, but never this type of personal story that could deeply affect him.  It also goes along with the idea that he’s been operating for a while, meaning we can skip all the intro stuff and jump right into the meat of the story, while also giving a chance for another Joker story without treading the same ground.  

I know it’s not everyone’s favorite, but The Red Hood is one of my favorite Batman comic stories, so I’m crossing my fingers this comes to pass.  What do you guys think?  Is the rumor true?  Are you interested in seeing the Jason Todd story come to life on the big screen?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!