WB is Looking to Cast Black Canary for Justice League and Potential Birds of Prey Film

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice releases in just a few months, Suicide Squad is in post-production for it’s release, and this past weekend saw the official start of filming on the Wonder Woman film.  It’s safe to say that WB’s plan for the DCEU is moving right along.  With Justice League Part 1 set to begin filming next year for it’s 2017 release, it’s understandable that rumors about new cast/characters are finally hitting.  

Today, Latino-Review has the scoop on some casting.  They’ve heard that Abbey Lee (Mad Max: Fury Road) and Alona Tal (Supernatural) are the frontrunners to portray the Black Canary for one of the upcoming Justice League movies.  It’s not clear which version of the character they’ll go with, or which of the two JL films she’ll appear, but it sounds like they’re keen to add even more woman to their stable of heroes (which is pretty awesome).  But wait, there’s more: 

Since Warner Bros likes movies with teams of super heroes, the Black Canary plans don’t end with her appearance in Justice League. If the character and actress perform to expectation, Black Canary will also be involved with an in-development Birds of Prey movie.

This would indeed be neat to see! While the Birds of Prey TV show didn’t perform well, this type of team-up could do wonders on the big screen.  The Birds of Prey have been continually successful in the comic realm, so there’s a good base of fans they could market to.  Not to mention the bonus of having other well known heroes pop in for cameos, and there’s definite potential for a Birds of Prey flick.  

We’ll have to wait and see.  For now, of course, this is all rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt.  I’m crossing my fingers this turns out to be the case.  What do you guys think?