Will Doctor Who Star Matt Smith Materialize in Star Wars?

Official casting news for Star Wars Episode 7 remains as elusive as Kaiser Soze, so we have to be content with more rumors.  Doctor Who fans will be excited if this latest rumor turns out to be true.  According to Bleeding Cool, a “Fairly well-placed source” says that soon-to-be-ex-Doctor Matt Smith has spoken with both director J.J. Abrams and franchise creator/consultant George Lucas about a part in the next installment of the Star Wars saga. Bleeding Cool has a good Star Wars track record because they were one of the first sites to break the news that Saoirse Ronan had read for Star Wars 7, before the actress herself confirmed it.

There’s no word about what part Smith may be reading for, but he does fit some roles listed in the Episode 7 Casting Sheet, such as “late twenty something male, fit, handsome and confident” or possibly “thirty-something male, intellectual.”


While Smith’s fans are waiting for confirmation or denial of this rumor, they can still get their Smith-fix in the upcoming Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special this Saturday, as well as the Doctor Who Christmas special which will be Smith’s final appearance as the Doctor. Smith will also be starring in the upcoming feature film How To Catch a Monster in 2014, which is Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut.  With Smith’s built-in recognition-factor among sci-fi fans, a role in a Star Wars movie could launch him into film stardom. Parenthetically, Peter Cushing—who played Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars: A New Hope —also played Doctor Who in a pair of films in the 1960s.

With filming for Star Wars Episode 7 set to begin this spring, some official casting news should begin to arrive fairly soon. Let’s see if Smith ends up being one of the ones who actually ends up in the film.