3 reasons why the rumors of a new Star Wars trilogy are probably true

Star Wars Rumors




When rumors of new Lucasfilm projects have surfaced in recent years, more often than not, they turn out to be true. We’re not talking about all of the silly rumors, like Lando’s father Grando appearing in Episode III. I’m talking about more substantial rumors of major projects, which are initially denied, then later confirmed by Lucasfilm.


After the Special Editions were released in 1997, Lucas denied the original films would ever be released again, saying the new versions were the definitive versions of those movies. Of course, he did offer the original theatrical versions as special features in a subsequent DVD release (which is also something he said would never happen). Lucasfilm denied the films were being converted into 3D, but we now know they will be.


Lucas has stated that there were never plans for a trilogy after Return of the Jedi but Gary Kurtz, who produced the original Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, says otherwise. If you think an official Lucasfilm denial of new films is the final word, think again. If new movies are announced, there will be so much rejoicing, that no one will criticize George for denying it.


George Lucas




Fanboys are under the impression that George thinks the way we do when it comes to Star Wars. For most of us, Star Wars is a cherished memory, a nostalgic entity we revisit because it’s like an old friend and we feel comfortable with it. To George, Star Wars is a living thing, something that’s always evolving. The man himself once said he never finishes a film, he abandons it. Like Yoda says: always in motion the future is. While most of us prefer Star Wars the way it was, George likes to dwell on what it could be.


Remember, Star Wars didn’t become Episode IV until Uncle George knew he could make Episode V. There have been Special Editions of his Special Editions, and he has even changed elements of the new trilogy, A special feature on the Episode III DVD shows a new version of a scene from Episode I where the puppet Yoda was replaced by a CGI version.   Undoubtedly the new Blu-ray release will feature even more revisions.


Eventually, tinkering with his two trilogies will not be enough to satisfy him. Once we get the 3D version, with all possible scenes either added back in or enhanced, George will need to find a new place to focus his energies. You can only do so much with the Greedo/Han scene, and no matter how far technology advances, the Jabba/Docking Bay 94 scene will still feel goofy. We will get our Toshi Station scene with Biggs, Camie, and Fixer, and the lost sandstorm scene from Return of the Jedi. Then he’ll need something else to play around with (and his TV shows might not be cutting it).


Lucasfilm Presidio




Perhaps the biggest reason why we will get a new series of films can be found in San Francisco; at the Presidio, to be exact. Lucas has moved most of Lucasfilm, including ILM and LucasArts, to new headquarters at the former military facility. Plans also include a digital movie studio. Lucas seems to be in expansion mode. He’ll need something beyond his upcoming film Red Tails and the Star Wars TV show to sustain all those jobs. Star Wars is a brand that needs new product. Lucas can now do that.


Reports put the cost of development in the Lucasfilm buildings to be around $300 million. That’s a lot of Star Wars action figures to sell. Put out a new film, and George will make that in about three days of box office receipts.


All of this is, of course, is speculation. I don’t have a source inside Skywalker Ranch or any secret documents. All I can say is I have a good feeling about this.