Blu Review: The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition 5-Disc Sets


Each film is over three and a half hours to over four hours long spread out across two discs. Couple those with three discs filled with special features and you have enough Lord of the Rings to satisfy even the most obsessed Tolkienite or Tolkiendil. 

The Lord of the Rings trilogy tells the story of the Hobbit Frodo Baggins and his journey to dispose of a powerful ring controlled by the dark lord Sauron. Frodo and eight companions must make their way to the edge of the fiery Mount Doom through deadly trials and tribulations. They meet up with different characters and creatures throughout their long journey. 

lor-4The best way to describe my feelings about these films is summed up in Clerks 2. There’s a lot of walking and then they drop the ring into Mount Doom before walking home again. Alright, I’m partially just kidding. I do like the movies but in no way am I an uber-fan. 

Do I think they could’ve been edited down to a shorter running time even in their theatrical versions? Absolutely! I’ve never made it through any of the movies in one sitting. Basically, I can only take about an hour and a half to two hours of each film before I have to give myself a mental break. I found the three hour long King Kong easier to sit through and more entertaining. 

lor-1My opinion of the films doesn’t mean anything in the long run. What matters is that millions of people across the planet absolutely adore The Lord of the Rings trilogy and just can’t get enough of it. The release of the extended editions of the films loaded with bonus material is a present to them. 

Each one is presented in pristine high-definition video and audio. The picture is as clean and polished as you’ve ever seen it. The 6.1 surround mix will fill everyone’s home theater system with the sounds of Middle Earth. Every growl of an Orc and whisper of Sauron jumps out of the speakers at the viewer. 

There are too many special features to even begin to list. I’ll throw out a few to give readers an idea of what to expect. Each volume includes multiple featurettes, documentaries, galleries, maps, and interviews with the cast and crew. As I said above, if there is even one piece of “making of” material left I’d be surprised. 

lor-5The Lord of the Rings enthusiasts might be as mad as Star Wars fans are over the amount of times these movies have been released at first. However after seeing the amount of special features is included in these different five-disc sets, I’m sure they’ll get over it. If you’re looking for an exhaustive experience as a Tolkienite or Tolkiendil, The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition 5-Disc Sets are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.