Box Office Top 10 April 29-May 1; Fast Five Zips to #1

10. Source Code $2.53 million

The Duncan Jones actioner continues to show some life, even as it loses screens to newer releases. It will cross the $50 million plateau this week.



9. Hop $2.55 million

Obviously, Easter is over. Hop dropped nearly 80% from the week before, but still managed a 9th place finish. It easily passed the $100 million mark this week.



8. Insidious $2.7 million

The low-budget horror flick continued to defy expectations, scaring up more ticket buyers as it nears the $50 million level. By comparison, Scream 4, which opened later and is still playing on almost twice as many screens as Insidious, could only manage a 13th place finish.


Soul Surfer

7. Soul Surfer $3.4 million

Yet another low-budget flick continues to do well. No one expected a true story with a message of faith would do so well, but it still rides a wave of positive word of mouth.


Hoodwinked Two

6. Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil $4.1 million

I hadn’t even heard of the first one, but they managed to get some big name talent for part two, so congrats. Or whatever.



5. Prom $4.7 million

Apparently, this movie was viewed by every kid who didn’t get asked to prom this weekend.


Water for Elephants

4. Water for Elephants $9.3 million

The romantic movie with the horrible name continues to lure in audiences. I’ll ignore the age difference between Reese and Robert. Where’s her chihuahua?


Big Happy Family

3. Madea’s Big Happy Family $9.9 million

Tyler Perry’s movie didn’t suffer the usual big dropoff his films usually experience. However, since he essentially makes the same movie over and over again, does it really matter?



2. Rio $14.8 million

THE go-to kid’s movie continues to roll over the competition. Even with a dropoff of over 40% from last week, the movie is still averaging nearly $4,000 in revenue per screen, a very nice total.


Fast Five

1. Fast Five $86 million

Apparently, they brought back everyone from the original, even the script! Still, I’m sure Vin and The Rock appreciate the nitro-boost to their careers.