Box Office Top 10 April 8-10: Hop Beats Hannah

The Lincoln Lawyer

10. The Lincoln Lawyer $4.3 million

Lion’s Gate was perhaps hoping for more, but the McConaughey legal thriller is nearing the $50 million mark, a respectable take considering the time of year, when few movies become blockbusters. Audiences seemed to love it, which means Matt is bongo-playing happy right about now.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2

9. Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules $4.8 million

The Wimpy Kid’s reign on top didn’t last long. With Hop and Soul Surfer vying for kid’s attentions, Rodrick seems to be squeezed out. With over $65 million in ticket sales, however, it’s hard to complain over a movie that cost about 50 bucks to make.



8. Limitless $5.5 million

So much for taking a pill that makes your movie a blockbuster. Limitless earned some generally favorable reviews, and the $65 million it has made so far is nothing to sneeze at. Still, when your movie is called LIMITLESS, expectations will be high.


Source Code

7. Source Code $8.7 million

I’m surprised more people aren’t flocking to this film. It’s getting incredible word of mouth, and according to Rotten Tomatoes, 90% of critics gave it a favorable review. Do yourself a favor this weekend: GO SEE IT.


Your Highness

6. Your Highness $9.4 million

Like most stoner kids you knew in high school, Your Highness talks a big game but accomplishes nothing. It isn’t funny, not even mildly entertaining, which considering the talent in this thing, is some sort of anti-accomplishment in itself.



5. Insidious $9.4 million

Very few things give me the creeps, but I’ll pass on a movie like Insidious. Weird kids creep me out. every time I see the poster or trailer for this film, I think, What the hell is wrong with that kid? And then I cry, softly.


Soul Surfer

4. Soul Surfer $10.6 million

The true story of Bethany Hamilton, the surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack, could easily have turned into a by-the-numbers Lifetime movie, but nice performances by AnnaSophia Robb, Dennis Quaid, and Helen Hunt make this a great movie. OK, maybe the Carrie Underwood cameo isn’t helped by her lack of acting skills, but the movie is still affecting.



3. Arthur $12.2 million

When I first heard about an Arthur remake, I wondered “why are they even bothering?” I’m sure Warner Bros is thinking the same thing now, as the Russell Brand comedy failed to generate any interest. Considering the star power on display here, audiences must have been incredibly indifferent. Or perhaps they realized Russell Brand is no Dudley Moore.



2. Hannah $12.4 million

As The Professional proved, movies about child assassins are cool. A strong cast and good word of mouth may make the assassin/revenge tale that is Hannah a surprise hit. It’s like nothing else out there right now.


1. Hop $21.3 million

When Russell Brand was hoping to have his movie be #1, this wasn’t the one he was thinking about. Nevertheless, the story about the Easter Bunny trying to start a rock band continued to bring in the little ones (and their ticket-buying parents, of course). In two weeks, Hop has managed to earn almost $70 million. E.B., thy basket runneth over.


Source: Box Office Mojo