Box Office Top 10 January 7-9: True Grit Rides High


10. Tangled $5.2 million

Never underestimate the power of a brand name. Without much mainstream marketing since Christmas, Tangled continues to play well, outdueling other family films like Gulliver’s Travels and Narnia, who fall just out of the top ten.


Yogi Bear

9. Yogi Bear $6.8 million

Most of America’s babysitters must have had the flu this past weekend. That must be the reason why Yogi Bear continues to pull in viewers. Parents must have needed someone to watch the kids while they stood in the return lines at the mall, and a 3D CGI bear seemed like a good idea. That must be the reason, right? This surely can’t be what passes as entertainment today. Surely.


The Kings Speech

8. The King’s Speech $6.81 million

The critically-acclaimed British import added a few more screens this past weekend, and despite an overall drop in ticket sales from the week before, played strong enough to move up two spots in the top ten. With a total haul of just over $33 million so far, it won’t be a mainstream hit, but it is playing well enough in New York and Los Angeles, which should keep it in the minds of Oscar voters.


The Fighter

7. The Fighter $7 million

Even with more adult-oriented fare like True Grit and Black Swan playing in theaters, The Fighter continues to find an audience, as positive word of mouth keeps ticket buyers coming in. It could get an injection of interest when Oscar nominations are announced, which should be nice for Mark Wahlberg to wash down all the criticism he’s gotten lately from the Uncharted fans.


Country Strong

6. Country Strong $7.3 million

Country Strong isn’t actually a new release; it opened on a few screens two weeks ago. I don’t know why…perhaps it was to qualify for the Oscars. If so, it shouldn’t have bothered. It isn’t that I hate Gwyneth Paltrow. OK, I lied. I hate Gwyneth Paltrow. There are only a few things that could convince me to go see this movie. Like replacing Paltrow with Olivia Wilde. And adding light cycles. And adding Jeff Bridges. And making it 3D. And calling it Tron: Legacy. Then I’ll see it.


Black Swan

5. Black Swan $8.35 million

It would seem that the Oscar race for Best Actress is over, based on the buzz over Natalie Portman’s performance. That’s why fanboys keep lining up to see it, right?


Tron Legacy

4. Tron: Legacy $9.8 million

After a month of release, Tron nears the $150 million mark in total ticket sales. It has played better than I ever expected, and as long as moviegoers keep dropping in their quarters for another go-round, Disney’s happy.


Season of the Witch

3. Season of the Witch $10.7 million

Critics burned Nic Cage’s latest movie at the stake, but on a slow weekend at theaters, with few other new films opening, it managed to find an audience. The question is whether Cage’s appeal can cast a spell on audiences in the weeks to come.


Little Fockers

2. Little Fockers $13.78 million

The latest Gaylord Focker comedy continues to rule the box office, propelled seemingly on the strength of Stiller and DeNiro’s reputation alone. Even though the critics were unforgiving, it seems moviegoers are willing to give them another chance.


True Grit

1. True Grit $15 million

Westerns don’t usually do well at the box office, but perhaps it is because most westerns aren’t true classics like this Coen Brothers masterpiece. In its third week of release, True Grit has passed the $110 million mark in ticket sales, taking the top spot as strong word of mouth keeps bringing people into theaters.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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