Box Office Top 10 New Years Weekend 2011: Sequels lead the way

The Kings Speech

10. The King’s Speech $7.6 million

Despite playing on only 700 screens, The King’s Speech managed to crack the top ten with an impressive per screen average of nearly $11,000 in ticket sales. With critical acclaim keeping it fresh, it could continue to pull well in the coming weeks.


Black Swan

9. Black Swan $8.45 million

Black Swan continues to add screens, and with Natalie Portman’s performance creating Oscar buzz and pulling curious moviegoers in, it could move from art house flick to mainstream hit.


Gulliver's Travels

8. Gulliver’s Travels $9.1 million

Jack Black’s latest is sinking fast at the box office, thanks to bad reviews and the fact that it isn’t a very good film. As one reviewer said, there are just some things that were never meant to be seen in 3D. Black is one of them.


The Fighter

7. The Fighter $10 million

The Fighter showed new life in the new year, actually increasing its take over the previous week as the film neared the $50 million mark in total ticket sales. A month after release, however, it likely only has a couple more rounds at the box office left unless Oscar buzz gives it a boost.


Tangled6. Tangled $10.008 million

Tangled has proved to be amazingly resilient, playing strong after six weeks of release. The CGI tale showed plenty of Disney magic, to the tune of over $168 million total. Somewhere, a mouse is smiling.


The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

5. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader $10.5 million

Positive word of mouth seems to be keeping Narnia in the top five, even in a crowded field of family movies. While it hasn’t measured up to the success of the two previous films, Dawn Treader is nearing the $90 million mark and should easily break the $100 million level within two weeks.


Yogi Bear

4. Yogi Bear $13 million

Yogi is tougher than the average bear. Kids are still jumping on the Jellystone bandwagon, making the 3D flick the top family movie since Christmas. In all, the movie has filled its picnic basket with over $66 million in ticket sales.


Tron Legacy

3. TRON: Legacy $18.3 million

Legacy continues an impressive run, surpassing the original TRON in ticket sales and total attendance. Even with the hype, it is surprising the film is playing so well. considering the fan base wasn’t that big. Even if many found the film underwhelming, even disappointing, the 3D is still worth the price of admission.


True Grit

2. True Grit $24.5 million

True Grit seems well on its way to becoming the biggest hit in the Coen Brothers’ career, nearing the $90 million mark in ticket sales so far. Who said the Western was dead?


Little Fockers

1. Little Fockers $26.3 million

The third film in the epic Meet the Parents saga seems to be winning the box office derby by default, but with overall movie attendance down, it doesn’t have to be. Still, $100 million in earnings so far is impressive, given the overall poor reviews. Surely DeNiro and Stiller are good for a few laughs, though. I’ll wait for Netflix to find out.


Source: Box Office Mojo