Movies 2010: What TMP is Thankful For

I’m thankful for Redbox. It feels a lot better seeing a bad film and knowing I only wasted $1 on it instead of $8.50.


I’m thankful The Expendables rocked. We’ve forgotten how good action films are made, and Stallone, aging icon that he is, is still around to show us. Think about it: since 2008, have there been any better action films than Rambo and The Expendables?


I’m thankful Robert Zemeckis passed on The Wizard of Oz remake. That should never be remade. EVER.


I’m thankful no one in Hollywood put Paris Hilton in a movie this year. Not even a cameo. Her only work? Voicing an animated character for a TV movie. The character? A dog.


I’m thankful Fox picked up the Narnia movie series. I first read the Narnia books as a kid, and while the films so far have been less than perfect, I want to see more.


I’m thankful for streaming Netflix. So many movies, so little time. I’m always finding hidden gems.


I’m thankful for Toy Story 3. Has it really been eleven years since we saw Woody and Buzz last? Please Pixar, not such a long wait next time.


I’m thankful for The Last Airbender. Seriously. Now, M. Night has been exposed for what he is. Plot twist: he’s a hack!


I’m thankful the Justin Bieber movie doesn’t open until next year. We can still stop it. We can still save humanity.


I’m thankful for Predators. Finally, a Predator movie that’s a worthy follow-up to the original.


I’m thankful for the new Thor movie. For the first time since Adventures in Babysitting came out in 1987, I now have a reason to use the phrase “Thor is not a homo.”


I’m thankful The A-Team movie tanked. I pity the fool who doesn’t cast Mr. T as B.A. Baracus.


Finally, I’m thankful for The Movie Pool. OK, this may sound like a shameless plug, but frankly I’m sick of movie websites filled with cinema snobs and faceless fanboy critics who talk trash if you don’t agree with them. Here, it’s all about the love of film, good and bad, and everyone is welcome.