Predicting the 83rd Annual Academy Awards Nomiations – Part 1

Part I: Acting


One of the most prestigious category of awards, these Oscars go out to the brightest stars and biggest talents that Hollywood has to offer.


Best Actor in a Leading Role

True Grit

Jeff Bridges, True Grit

John Wayne won an award back in 1970 for the original True Grit, and I’ll be surprised if Bridges didn’t get a nomination as well.

The Social Network

Jesse Eisenberg, The Social Network

Eisenberg has gained almost universal acclaim for his role as Facebook cofounder Mark Zuckerberg; a surefire nomination.

The King's Speech

Collin Firth, The King’s Speech

By far the most “indy” choice, Collin Firth apparently surprised critics with his daring, yet highly praised, performance as the stuttering King George VI.

127 Hours

James Franco, 127 Hours

It’s a “harrowing survival tale”, a true story, and a primarily one man show.  Smells like “Oscar” to me.  And not the Grouch either.

The Fighter

Mark Wahlberg, The Fighter

Well not a surefire bet, the Academy will likely choose Wahlberg just to make the “safe” choice.  It’s a widely seen movie, and a critically acclaimed one at that.  So why not?

Shutter Island

Dark Horse: Leonardo DiCaprio, Inception/Shutter Island

This was Leo’s year, with his performance in both Inception and Shutter Island both award-worthy.  But will the Oscar’s be willing to give acting awards to a science fiction or physiological thriller?  And is the time gap between the Awards and movie releases to wide.  I’d say yes, but stranger things have happened.  I’m looking at you, Marisa Tomei.


Winner: Collin Firth, The King’s Speech

While I’d initially say that James Franco would take the gold, I’m not quite sure they’d give the award to the host of the ceremony.  But Collin Firth took home the Golden Globe, so that’s probably a good indication of his Oscar potential.  Expect him to take home this award as well.

Collin Farrell


Best Actor in a Supporting Role

The Fighter

Christian Bale, The Fighter

Bale has been guaranteed an Oscar nomination since the first picture of his acting “condition” was released.  How method.

True Grit

Matt Damon, True Grit

Well most praise is focused on Bridges and Steinfeld (and deservedly so), Matt Damon is equally good as the third member of the True Grit trifecta.

The Social Network

Andrew Garfield, The Social Network

Well he has no chance of winning, a nomination is certain for the new Spider-Man.

The Town

Jeremy Renner, The Town

To think, Jeremy Renner has barely reached popularity and he already is preparing to have two Oscar nominations.  Hawkeye for Best Supporting Actor 2012.

The King's Speech

Geoffrey Rush, The King’s Speech

If anything, The King’s Speech will certainly maximize on acting nominations.  All three of the principal actors will probably be up for awards this season.

The Social Network

Dark Horse: Justin Timberlake, The Social Network

Ha, in Timberlake’s dreams.

Oscar Goes to

Winner: Christian Bale, The Fighter

The always committed actor has been asking for an Oscar since American Psycho. I will completely assure that you he will finally get it come February 27.

The Fighter


Best Actress in a Leading Role

Frankie and Alice

Halle Berry, Frankie and Alice

She has a mental illness, and it causes her to be a racist.  What do you think Oscar voters will decide?

Winter's Bone

Jennifer Lawrence, Winter’s Bone

Jennifer Lawrence’s lead actress debut is making waves amongst critics and viewers.  Another guarranteed bet.

The Kids Are All Right

Julianne Moore, The Kids Are All Right

At least one of the pair from The Kids Are All Right will get a nomination, and I’m going to make a blind gamble and say this one.

Black Swan

Natalie Portman, Black Swan

Natalie Portman’s performance as the mentally unstable ballerina Nina Sayers has been hailed as one of the best of the year…which is why she will get nominated, see?

Blue Valentine

Michelle Williams, Blue Valentine

The emotionally torn role of a dissatisfied wife is a pretty good Oscar bet.  Which leds us to our next choice…

Rabbit Hole

Dark Horse: Nicole Kidman, Rabbit Hole

She’s a grieving mother and, disregarding The Lovely Bones, that always gets Oscar sympathy.  But not many people talk of Rabbit Hole, so will the Academy?

And the Oscar

Winner: Natalie Portman, Black Swan

No surprises here.  I’d bet an arm and TWO legs on the fact that Mrs. Portman will soon receive Oscar gold.  Still, it’s nice to see how far Queen Amidala has come.

Red Eyes


Best Actress in a Supporting Role

The Fighter

Amy Adams, The Fighter

Well Adams has been known to venture into headstrong roles before, The Fighter shows the actress in a whole new light.  She will be rewarded accordingly.

The King's Speech

Helena Bonham Carter, The King’s Speech

Oh my god, for once Helena Bonham Carter ISN’T playing the weird goth chick.  We need to commerate this.

The Fighter

Melissa Leo, The Fighter

Remember how I mentioned how The King’s Speech has an abundance of acting nominations?  Well, The Fighter has the monopoly.

True Grit

Hailee Steinfeld, True Grit

Well I’d say Steinfeld’s performance fits into a more “leading lady” category, she has a better chance of getting nominated here, and it seems the studios realize that.  So here she remains.

Animal Kingdom

Jackie Weaver, Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom won’t get much attention from the Academy, but it will be able to sneak Jackie Weaver’s performance in perfectly.

Black Swan

Mila Kunis, Black Swan

Well I’m not debating Kunis’ acting prowess, I’m not exactly sure she’s “Oscar material” yet.  Of course I haven’t seen the movie, so what the hell do I know?

And the

Winner: Melissa Leo, Black Swan

Well I want Hailee Steinfeld to take home this award with all my heart, I can’t deny that Melissa Leo probably deserves it more.  Not because I’ve seen the performance (me being the badly informed person I am, I haven’t seen the movie yet either), but because she honestly has the most “clot” of all the other nominees.  I honestly have no idea how to describe what I mean then “clot”, but you get the point.  Melissa Leo will get the reward, I assure you that much.

The Fighter

Well, that concludes the Acting awards.  Check back early tomorrow for the the second part of this three part feature.

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