The Change-Up Review

The short answer is…yes.

I think I take a little heat around here for some of my opinions but to be honest after years of watching and re-watching films I try to judge each and every film only within the scope of comparative films – sounds like a no brainer but really doesn’t happen very often. That being said I went into ‘The Change-Up’ with pretty low expectations (which is entirely their fault because the body swapping concept just seemed a little tired). But Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman were really able to take this Hangover-meets-body-swap concept and pull off a pretty funny movie. Something I do need to mention though is that it would have been a much better film without the opening flying baby poop gag. They were really just trying too hard for a quick and early laugh with that one.

If you don’t know already ‘The Change Up’ is a comedy about Dave (Bateman), a married father who switches bodies with his best friend Mitch (Reynolds), the ultimate bachelor, while urinating in a magic fountain after a heavy night of drinking.

You can tell where the film is headed pretty much the entire time there’s no denying that, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. Ok maybe it does make it a little less enjoyable but it’s still a fun watch all the same. Leslie Mann stars as Dave’s wife and Olivia Wilde stars as the co-worker he lusts after. Both of their performances bring the story to life and believe it or not you just might find yourself caring what happens to these characters. To be honest I found myself rooting for Dave when he finally got a date with Olivia Wilde –but it’s Olivie Wilde so don’t judge me. That sequence made for an interesting turn of events as he was able to explore his “inner bachelor” while living inside Ryan Reynold’s body. It was sort of like ‘Hall Pass’ without all the fake chow.

So overall I would recommend seeing ‘The Change Up’ however with all of the recent releases it’s very possible this one is going to find its audience on DVD. Even though I did enjoy the movie I really hope “the guys who bring you all the raunch-com lately” can get out of their comfort zone instead of this unending cycle. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

And just in case you want to catch up on your body swapping films I took the liberty of putting a list together for you. If you know of any more feel free to let me know in the comments below!

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