TMP Liveblogs: The 2011 Academy Awards

[Matt 16:58:34] Alright, here we go! The festivites are about to begin!  First, the Red Carpet.

[Matt 17:01:33] Nice little montage at the beginning.

[Matt 17:02:25] Fashion icon Anne Hathaway?  Who knew.

[Matt 17:04:51] Mila Kunis has such a hot voice.  And I guess she looks pretty good to.  But hear that voice!  Pure sexuality.

[Matt 17:06:03] Hailee Steinfeld is so adorable.  Ahh, she’s starstruck!

[Matt 17:07:53]  Jesee Eisenberg is awkward in real life!

[Matt 17:09:03]  Who’s this guy?  Oh, he’s Cuba Gooding Jr.  He looked so young and successful.

[Matt 17:09:47] Commercial!  Woohoo! We’ll be back.

[Matt 17:13:42] “Oh, where are my manners.  What are you wearing?”  I say this everyday after introducing myself to someone.

[Matt 17:15:46] Is Kevin Spacey going to kill you?  Nope, that’s just how he’s always like.

[Matt 17:17:25] He’s funny cause he’s British.

[Matt 17:18:20] Mellissa Leo has had such a huge rise in popularity for indie people.  She’s become an art house star in just a couple years.  Where has she been hiding?

[Matt 17:19:59] Who are these kids?

[Matt 17:21:39] Are these the kids from Waiting for Superman? 

That was a joke.

[Matt 17:27:36] Okay we’re back with Cate Blanchett and Tim Gunn, the straightest man in Hollywood.

[Matt 17:28:14] That dress is so risktaking.  It should play the board game.

[Matt 17:29:05] Mominees.  Clever.

[Matt 17:29:27] James Franco cut off his arm for his mother.

[Matt 17:32:14]  And now he’s the Hulk.  I think Ruffalo’s enjoying his life.

[Matt 17:32:59] Marissa Tomei heard Lady Gaga wanted Tomei to play her in a biopic, and she immediatly throw up bacon.

[Matt 17:34:02]  Hey, it’s one of the Bens!  The one who actually knows what he’s doing!

[Matt 17:41:07] Okay, I’m already sick of the red carpet.  Only 45 more minutes.  Grr…

[Matt 17:47:14] Another commercial!  Thank god!

[Matt 17:48:27] Youngest host ever.  Wow, why would the Academy make a young, popular actress present their show?

[Matt 17:49:50] “I DID say that!”  Yeah, you did.

[Matt 17:51:26] Geoffrey Rush: Pirate and Philanthropist.

[Matt 17:53:51] Mr. Twilight?  We call him that now?

[Matt 18:02:15] Natalie Portman better dork giggle or this award ceremony means nothing!

[Matt 18:04:22] Extra credit for giving actors awards.  Oh, and being nominated for one.

[Matt 18:09:21] And trust this Ben, he was on At the Movies, ya know. 

[Matt 18:14:14] “We have a question from Twitter, we’re very modern this year!”  We also use “E-mail.”

[Matt 18:15:56] Christian Bale seems peaceful, but don’t fall for it; if he doesn’t win, he’ll chew your face off. 

[Matt 18:26:12] Steven Speilberg: Towel Boy.

[Matt 18:26:38] Five Minutes till showtime, people!

[Matt 18:29:37] Screw commercials, let’s get this show on the road!

[Matt 18:30:30] Hall of the Mountain Kings from The Social Network.  Hell yes!

[Matt 18:32:44] Alec Baldwin.  Ha, funny.

[Matt 18:34:19] This is actally much funny than she should be.

[Matt 18:36:25] That Black Swan one was kind of stupid.

[Matt 18:37:02} Back to the Future now?  This is all over the place!

[Matt 18:38:15] Opening was a little force, but still very fun.

[Matt 18:39:06] “We both look like we appeal to a younger demographic.”

[Matt 18:40:04] Is James Franco suppossed to be stoned?  For the show and everything?

[Matt 18:41:19] So did Gervais right this, or the movie montage?  I’d guess this.

[Matt 18:42:38] Okay, award time!

[Matt 18:43:15] Tom Hanks is up to present…something.  Either Cinematography, Art Direction, or both.

[Matt 18:44:09] And the winner of Art Direction will be…The King’s Speech.

[Matt 18:45:26] Winner: Alice in Wonderland.

[Matt 18:46:04] Really?  Sigh… Me: 0, Oscars: 1.

[Matt 18:46:50] And the winner of Best Cinematography will be…Roger Deakins.

[Matt 18:47:37] Winner: Wally Phisher for Inception.

[Matt 18:48:07]  Well, unexpected, but cool.  Me: 0, Oscars: 2.

[Matt 18:50:51] Note to self: When you go to the Oscars, don’t clap.  It’s rude.

[Matt 18:52:28] Poor Kirk Douglas, he sounds like a senile old man.

[Matt 18:51:50] And the winner of Best Actress in a Supporting Role will be…Hailee Steinfeld, True Grit.

[Matt 18:54:00] Poor Douglas, you kind of need subtitles just to hear him.

[Matt 18:54:40] There Helena Bonham Carter goes with her unattractive faces…so snotty.

[Matt 18:55:57] Winner: Melissa Leo, The Fighter.

[Matt 18:58:03] Good for her, bad for me.  Oscars: 3, Me: 0

[Matt 18:59:32] Melissa Leo’s speech is the pure definition of cute and embarrising.

[Matt 19:01:38] I know it all along; Justin Timberlake was Banksy!

[Matt 19:02:42] And the winner of B est Animated Short will be…Day and Night.

[Matt 19:03:59] Winner: The Lost Thing

[Matt 19:04:32] Another goofy independant Animated film for the win.  Sigh…Oscars:4, Me: 0.

[Matt 19:05:47] And the winner of Best Animated Feature will be…Toy Story 3.

[Matt 19:07:17] Winner: Toy Story 3.

[Matt 19:06:47] Wow…shocker.  Me: 1, Oscars: 4.

[Matt 19:13:22] And the winner of Best Adapted Screenplay will be…The Social Network.

[Matt 19:15:03] Winner: The Social Network

[Matt 19:15:36] Best Screenplay of the Year.  Me: 2, Oscars: 4. 

[Matt 19:16:20] Don’t play him off, Academy.

[Matt 19:17:11] And the winner of Best Original Screenplay will be…The King’s Speech.

[Matt 19:18:31] Winner: The King’s Speech.

[Matt 19:18:49] Well deserved, even if Inception deserved it more.  Me: 3, Oscars: 4. 

[Matt 19:20:00] Maybe I’m finally improving on my predictions!

[Matt 19:25:57] I wonder who Anne was talking about?

[Matt 19:26:49] And the winner of Best Foreign Language Film will be…In a Better World.

[Matt 19:28:01] Winner: In A Better World.

[Matt 19:28:25] Good educated guess on my part.  Me: 4, Oscars: 4.

[Matt 19:29:52] And the winner of Best Supporting Actor will be…Christain Bale.

[Matt 19:31:56] Winner: Christain Bale.

[Matt 19:32:42] I’m glad they kept Christain Bale away from the DP section.  Hey guys, ain’t that a funny reference!  Anyways, Me: 5, Oscars: 4. 

[Matt 19:33:52] Did he say “quacker”, or “cracker?”

[Matt 19:40:08] And the winner of Best Score will be…Inception.

[Matt 19:43:03] Winner: The Social Network.

[Matt 19:44:56] Hell yeah, I’m so glad I’m wrong!  Easily my favorite soundtrack of the year.  Me: 5, Oscars: 5.

[Matt 19:46:11] And the winner of Best Sound Mixing will be…Inception.

[Matt 19:47:41] Winner: Inception.

[Matt 19:47:56} Well deserved, the sound was one of the greatest things about Inception.  Me: 6, Oscars: 5.

[Matt 19:48:36]  Did they just spoil True Grit?

[Matt 19:49:15] And the winner of Best Sound Editing  will be…Inception.

[Matt 19:50:16] Winner: INCEPTION.

[Matt 19:50:34] Nuff said.  Me: 7, Oscar: 5.

[Matt 19:51:12] K, Bathroom break!

[Matt 19:55:26]  “Congratulations, nerds.”  How crass, Franco.

[Matt 19:56:33] And the winner of Best Makeup will be…The Wolfman.

[Matt 19:57:35] Winner: The Wolfman.

[Matt 19:57:56]  Sad…this film got something.  Me: 8, Oscars: 5.

[Matt 19:58:27] And the winner of Best Costume Design will be…Alice in Wonderland.

[Matt 20:00:17] Winner: Alice in Wonderland

[Matt 19:59:41] Okay, didn’t like the movie, but it did have good costumes.  Me: 9, Oscars: 5.

[Matt 20:09:43] Made myself dinner as they did Best Original Song.  Did I miss anything?

[Matt 20:12:07] And the winner of Best Documentary Short will be…The Warriors of Qiugang.

[Matt 20:14:02] Winner: Strangers No More

[Matt 20:14:22] Yeah…I guessed.  Me: 8, Oscars: 6.

[Matt 20:15:13] And the winner of Best Short Film will be…Crush.

[Matt 20:16:19] Winner: God of Love.

[Matt 20:17:05]  Yeah, I don’t know any of these film.  Me: 8, Oscars: 7.

[Matt 20:18:32]  Ha, these are popular films.

[Matt 20:19:09]  Okay, the Twilight one was kind of funny.

[Matt 20:20:07]  And the winner of Best Documentary will be…Inside Job.

[Matt 20:24:38] Winner: Inside Job.

[Matt 20:24:58] Another lucky guess…Me: 9, Oscars: 7.

[Matt 20:27:01] Hey, it’s Billy Crystal!

[Matt 20:31:14]  And the winner of Best Visual Effects will be…Inception.

[Matt 20:33:59] Winner: Inception

[Matt 20:34:19] With Tron not nominated, who else are you going to give it to? 

[Matt 20:35:05] And the winner of Best Editing will be…The Social Network.

[Matt 20:36:23] Winner: The Social Network.

[Matt 20:36:45] Well deserved, although I think 127 Hours should have gotten it.  Anyways, Me: 11, Oscars: 7.

[Matt 20:46:38] And the winner of Best Original Song will be… We Belong Together.

[Matt 20:47:31] Winner: We Belong Together.

[Matt 20:48:39] That was actually a really funny speech.  Me: 12, Oscars: 7.

[Matt 20:52:20] Okay, time to get sad everyone.

[Matt 21:01:44] And the winner of Best Director will be… David Fincher.

[Matt 21:03:43] Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

[Matt 21:04:07] Winner: Tom Hooper

[Matt 21:05:18] Damn it, now I’m sad.  Me: 12, Oscars: 8.

[Matt 21:11:56] And the winner of Best Lead Actress will be…Natalie Portman.

[Matt 21:13:30] If I was an actress, i would want my career to be summarized by the voice of Jeff Bridges.

[Matt 21:15:58] Winner: Natalie Portman

[Matt 21:17:27] Do the dork giggle!

[Matt 21:21:18] And the winner of Best Lead Actor will be…Collin Firth.

[Matt 21:22:50] I wonder if Jesee Eisenberg is getting sick of all the Facebook jokes.

[Matt 21:29:54] Winner: Collin Firth

[Matt 21:30:53] Predictable, yet well deserved.

[Matt 21:32:51] And the winner of Best Picture will be…The King’s Speech.

[Matt 21:34:45]  It’s so obvious, the montage is even built off of The King’s Speech!

[Matt 21:36:55] Winner: The King’s Speech.

[Matt 21:40:46]  Well, there you have it.  Take us home, choir kids!


Well, that’s all, folks.  It was a fun time and, even though I wasn’t always correct, I did pretty well in my predictions, see:

Me: 15

Oscars: 8

Not bad, me.  Anyways, thanks for joining me tonight, and may I see you again next year!