10 Films Premiering at SXSW ’18 To Watch

Relaxer – Joel Potrykus

Dogged to deteriorate ‘til he clobbers the unclobberable, Abby can’t flee his dent in the couch til he bests his brother’s bet to beat level 256 of Pac-Man. The stakes are, in that Potrykus way, only as strong as the disillusioned hero can envisage. Sleepless, stagnating, running on processed dairy,  Abby’s obstacle might be Potrykus’s most menacing yet.


don t leave home 117820

Don’t Leave Home – Michael Tully

Michael Tully’s first feature since the low-dose nostalgia trip Ping Pong Summer leaves comfort for myth and mystery, a curiosity and obsession that leads an artist away from the hearth. 


field guide to evil 127304

Field Guide To Evil – Anthology

This ”Global dark folklore anthology” features shorts from The Lure director Agniezka Smoczynska, Goodnight Mommy’s directing duo Severin Fiala & Veronika Franz, Berberian Sound Studio’s Peter Strickland, Baskin’s Can Evrenol –. I don’t need to go on.


galveston 126154

Galveston – Mélanie Laurent

Pizzolato, of True Detective Season 1 fame & True Detective Season 2 infamy, has adapted his novel Galveston for the screen. That would usually signal another barely-seething manifestation of toxic masculinity on film, but slickened femme Mélanie Laurent directs and, I hope, wanes his brooding flame to a cool with sangfroid. 


thy kingdom come 109479

Thy Kingdom Come – Eugene Richards

This is a weird one. Eugene Richards a ‘videographer’ on Mallick’s universally panned To The Wonder, has collected footage he shot on that film with unscripted “interviews” between Javier Bardem and the townspeople, chiefly prison inmates, into some hodgepodge docu-fiction hybrid. I’m skeptical it’ll work, but curious enough to watch and see if it does.


jinn 122673

Jinn – Nilja Mu’min

“A shape-shifting, pepperoni-loving, black teenage Instagram celebrity explores her identity and sexuality in the midst of her mother’s conversion to Islam.”


sadie 122966 1200x520

Sadie – Megan Griffiths

Megan Griffiths (Eden, The Night Stalker) spent 2017 directing two episodes of HBO’s Room 104, and an episode of Animal Kingdom and Graves. She keeps growing, and with Sadie she has a strong foundation to shape: the premise of a girl at war with her mom at home — while her dad’s away at war. 


paradox 112281

Paradox – Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah makes her feature directorial debut with a surreal, time-blending, western musical?


6 balloons 121879

6 Balloons – Marja-Lewis Ryan

A single night’s effort to rush a heroin addict to a detox center, this little comedy accumulated some star power somewhere along the road to production. Dave Franco and Abbi Jacobson lead, Franco as the addict brother and Jacobson as the aiding sister. 


shotgun 120863

Shotgun – Hannah Marks & Joey Power

Maika Monroe and Jeremy Allen White star as the young couple in a new relationship that’s propelled into seriousness when one contracts a fatal illness. Will tragedy drive you closer together than you might’ve without? I’m rooting for these directors I’ve never heard of.