11 Fan made movie posters paint a grim look at the future

Stumbling across Worth 1000’s site, a discovery was unearthed. The site hosted a contest in honor (or mockery) of the consistent remakes that surface on a regular basis. A lot of films in this day lack originality and character development just as they desire to show off who has the coolest technology. Like sheep being led to the slaughter, we are entrapped in these effects and tend to lose sight of what deems an ‘original’ film. At TheMoviePool, we wanted to share with you some of the more creative (or amusing) designs. It was tough to narrow it down to these select choices. Enjoy!

Granted the Photoshop work is not the best in the poster, but the concept is priceless. How often do we find ourselves stuck in these driving situations? You come barreling up behind someone only to have to slam on your brakes. All of us can relate to this idea. It is almost as insane as creating another Fast and Furious film. There are times when you just have to say ‘no.’ This poster may not win the best design aspect, but creativity definitely earns it a few brownie points.

Home Alone 12

Who hasn’t seen the first Home Alone? Who could forget Daniel Stern’s character screaming at the top of his lungs once he discovers a tarantula on him? Priceless. It is a classic film with tons of laughs, but like the tag line declares it started to go downhill in the second installment. The phrase has earned this poster a spot on our list.

Sex and the City old people

Special effects could only do so much for these fabulous four. Not even Hollywood can fix those horrendous wrinkles! Ouch. Golden Girls actress, Bea Arthur, portrayed our fashion guru, Carrie Bradshaw, in a Sex and the City parody showing how the women of New York faced life once their looks had faded. Let us remember these divas in their former glory before they saunter their way onto the screen as “GILFs”.


War is a superb movie with its action packed sequences. It is hard to imagine our fighting heroes, Li and Statham in ‘older’ form. From here, we start to see an improvement in the photo manipulation. It seems quite plausible these two actors could be dueling to a bitter end in this 2050 comeback.

Jaws 500

This one is a laugh a minute. Even though only four films were made, there was a plethora of movies that mimicked the killer shark theme; perhaps they could’ve been called Jaws 500. It looks like our ruthless shark is not much of a threat to swimmers anymore, unless you feel like being gummed to death? How would that story line pan out?

The original poster had such grace and beauty. This one can send chills of disgust down your back. It can almost ruin the appeal of the movie if you have seen it. Props are given for the manipulation. The colors could have matched to blend with the skin tone of the stomach, but overall it definitely conveys the future movie title. None could argue.


At first glance, it is quite amusing with the design. The typography needs minor tweaking but the words build it up to deliver its punch line at the end. The poster alone reads as a short movie trailer. Examine the illustration in the negative and positive space. Does it remind you of anyone? If there are any Family Guy fans in the crowd, you will notice the illustration resembles the old pedophile, Herbert. The clever usage is definitely five star!

I would have to say I absolutely love this (type needs some help). I highly doubt our race car will be seeing any races down that cracked road. I enjoy the Photoshop elements used in here which is why it’s high on the list. Wobbly tires with a squeaky turn radius doesn’t seem like the ideal future direction for Cars. Maybe Cars Rust and Not So Fast and Not So Furious should collaborate for an unique parody of sorts!

It looks like Tony Stark is officially out of commission. Admiring the talents of this artist is amazing. The detail of the ‘on-the-fritz’ suit is very detailed. Dare to wonder. Do you think the Iron Man franchise would push its limits by advancing this far into the future? Good luck replacing Robert Downey Jr. for the role. We do not want to imagine the fictional American hero as a dilapidated combatant. It is an amusing thought to imagine Tony Stark, 50 years later, still wearing the suit. Hmm – the imagination runs wild.

Any Photoshop expert or even critic couldn’t argue with the skills behind this individual who recreated the Pirates of the Caribbean poster. Johnny Depp isn’t looking so hot or nimble for that matter. It does appear that the devil himself has taken an interest in the haggard old man. The creativity and technique used in this design can battle against some of the best poster creations to date. Imagining a wobbly Captain Jack Sparrow running from enemy fire does manage to put a mild smile on our faces. Thankfully, it doesn’t completely ruin the image of this character!

Out of all of the imaginary presented, this has to be the strongest for text arrangement and Photoshop elements. Now, for those who dislike the Twilight Saga would surely find pleasure in this poster. Putting aside any differences on the series, the poster’s qualities are exquisite (even as morbid as the message is). The composition, skin retouching, imposing images, blending the photos and adding proper highlights and shadows (light source direction) rate this design as number one.  Bravo to the Photoshop Wizard who created such a masterpiece!

Ranging from a wide array of funny tag lines to detailed and mastery editing skills, these poster designers have shared their raw talents with the world wide web. As a designer, it’s a fascination to witness the budding work of other artists and creators. We hope you enjoyed these funny and unique concepts brought to fruition by the contestants of Worth 1000