2016 Cinelinx Movie Awards

Attention avid movieholics! Your eyes may have witnessed many wonderous things at the theater (and in your living room) over the last year, but all were not created equal. Honoring those that are most worthy of our attention is the foundation upon which the Cinelinx Movie Awards were born. Join us as we celebrate the interesting movie year that was 2016. These are the third annual movie awards, called #TheLinxies (to see last year’s winners, click here). These awards are meant as kudos to the finest performances and achievements in film for 2016. #TheLinxies honors the films and performances that inspire our creativity and allow our infatuation with film to continue.

Most importantly though, everyone had a chance to contribute. #TheLinxies aren’t just some award given by a panel of film snobs. They are a representation of our opinions as well as yours. Earlier this month we presented our nominees for #TheLinxies, and asked you to vote. The nominees we chose represented the best of the best across 14 categories encompassing all aspects of movie making (see the full list here).

Now it’s time to announce the winners!

And the Linxie goes to….keep scrolling!

Most Entertaining 2016 copy

Most Surprising 2016 copy

Best Story 2016 copy

Best Actor 2016 copy

Best Actress 2016 copy

Best Supporting Actor 2016 copy

Best Supporting Actress 2016 copy

Best Director 2016 copy

Best Special Effects 2015

Best Costumes 2016 copy

Best Music 2016 copy

Best Cinematography 2016 copy

Best Animated Movie 2016 copy


That’s it! Thank you to those of you that voted this year and congratulations to#TheLinxies winners.

Check out last year’s winners here.