2020 Cinelinx Movie Awards Nominees

2020 has finally left us, and although there are much more positive things to look forward to, it is important to reflect upon all the accomplishments in film from last year. For this reason, we are proud to present the categories and nominees for the 2020 Cinelinx Movie Awards (“The Linxies”)

This will be our eighth year of handing out these special awards! Listed below are the categories we’ve chosen to highlight all of the hard work that goes into movies. These categories reflect accomplishments in many different areas of film production. The nominees have been selected as our picks for the best representation of each category. In order to be eligible for our awards, the film has to have been released during the 2020 calendar year.

Now comes the fun part. It’s time to narrow down the list of nominees and select winners, and WE NEED YOUR HELP. At the end of this article is the official “2020 Linxies” ballot! Simply vote for whichever nominee you think deserves to win in each category. Results of this poll will be announced on April 14th. That gives you 4 weeks to watch a lot of really great movies to help you decide who you want to win. Need some help deciding? Check out our reviews to read our thoughts on some of these impressive films.

Without further delay, here is the ballot featuring our nominees for the 2020 Cinelinx Movie Awards