3 Games Fight The Kings Speech

They already semi do this by releasing a game based on the movie shortly before the theater release date; then they hype the game one last time just before the movie hits store shelves on DVD/Blu-ray. With Blu-ray we even see some films go as far as to offer a demo of some sort for gamers, (God of War 3 on District 9 and a free PS3 theme on Resident Evil).

Resident Evil

However, there is another test of the two industries coming extremely today. On Tuesday April 19th we could possibly see one massive entertainment burst. The Academy Award winner The Kings Speech is releasing alongside 3 massive video game titles. These titles of course being Mortal Kombat, Portal 2, and Socom 4.

Mortal Kombat

These are no simple video games as each one has a massive fan following and is guaranteed to sell in the millions. Mortal Kombat is the all time champ here with a fanbase created in the 90’s and has been highly anticipated since it was announced over a year ago. The marketing isn’t swarming TV’s or anything, but talk is building elsewhere. Socom 4 is a PS3 exclusive, but one of the biggest exclusives Sony has to offer. The following is much like that of Mortal Kombat, so the advertising is a bit scarce but is still starting to build.

The real issue here seems to be Portal 2. Where people are not only a fan of the franchise, but the company, and will do absolutely anything to get their hands on this game. Valve is also not afraid to advertise the hell out of this game. We see billboards, magazine ads, and Valve even put together a few funny TV commercials that have swarmed air waves over the past week. So not only are gamers well aware of this title coming out on Tuesday, but anyone and everyone with any interest in gaming will know.

Portal 2

Meanwhile on the other side of the fence you have the heartbreaking The Kings Speech, a quality film in its own art kind of way. I say heartbreaking because the only real advertisement this film seems to be getting is the fact it beat out Inception and many other fan favorite films for Best Picture. We see a few commercials on TV, but nothing to the extent of Portal 2’s advertising. The film made decent money in box office, but the talk seems to be about other films. In other words, it is easily being overshadowed by the other releases coming this day.

Another note about this weekend’s releases is the new Harry Potter which was released this past Friday. This, much like the games, has a massive fan following, and people will be picking this up no matter what. A big part of this release is they are also advertising the ability to purchase all the already released movies in the franchise, a  good amount of money right there.

We recently had an outbreak over videogames possibly hurting movie releases. Back when Grand Theft Auto 4 released everyone believed the release would hurt Iron Man’s release as it came out the same weekend. However Iron Man went on to make over 100 million in sales and has had a sequel. Grand Theft Auto 4 has broken numerous records similar to that of Call of Duty. So in simple terms there really hasn’t been a huge impact on sales of one over the other.

There is a simple rule I like to follow when developers or movie makers complain about something taking their sales. A simple rule that states if you make a quality movie, people will see it. Fact of the matter is there are pirates, there are gamers, there are other circumstances that movies have to fight off now. So the quality needs to step up, and people will go.

Now the question is, will the fact that thousands of people are heading to electronic stores to pick up three major titles be good for the film? Will these gamers be willing to sneak over to the movie section, will they see Kings Speech featured in kiosks near the entrance, and will they know what it is? Will their budget only allow enough room to spend 65 plus dollars on a video game? Hell some of them might be spending nearly 200 dollars if they buy all three gametitles. Would it be a better idea to release the movie at a later date? Release another major film by its side to help draw traffic away from games? Or will they show no relation at all? Let us know in the comments!