4 Movie theaters you wish your city had

I’m fairly proud of my entertainment set-up, nice big screen, everything calibrated properly to give a nice clean image (there not as nice as these, but not bad).  No matter how great your system maybe, nothing seems to ever compare to the movie theater experience.  Sitting on chairs, eating the popcorn, and watching events unfold on that nice big screen, it’s a great time that is hard to beat.

But if you want to make it even better than that, perhaps you should try watching movies in one of these theaters:

the world’s largest movie screen

According to the Guinness World Records the Starium Theater in Seoul Korea boasts the largest movie theater screen in the world.  Could you just imagine what that must be like to watch films on.  I mean, King Kong would be life-sized!  If you’re deaf this is definitely the place to go, as a whopping 50 speakers are crammed into the theater as well.

And you thought your movie theater had comfy seats.  Village Roadshow’s new Gold Class Cinema is the brand of this theater chain and is geared especially towards an upscale feel.  Hosting large lounging chairs, 5 Star restaurant menu, and even a $700 bottle of wine, normal ticket prices for a screening start at $32 a seat.  There are only a couple of these right now in the US (Seattle and Chicago) but Village Roadshow hopes to open up 10 more within the next couple years.

I don’t think I could do this one.  As comfortable as those things look, I swear I’d be more likely to fall asleep than pay attention to the film.  This dandy theater can be found in Bangkok, and features an all inclusive ticket. Food, drink and the film are all combined into the one price.  Be prepared to pay homage if you visit this theater however, this is actually owned by the King!

Movie Theater Hongkong

Movie Theater

Movie Thater best design

Believe it or not, this is actually an AMC theater…located in Hong Kong (really, did you think we would have something this sleek here?).  This uber stylish design exudes modern and is just downright sexy.  But by far the best thing about it, the tickets are only about $7.

I’m just excited when my local theater changes their stand-up displays.  I’m not sure what I would do if I ever went to theaters like these.  Chances are I’d probably never leave.