4 Reasons you Need to See The Lion King Again

The 3D Surprised Me

I am not a 3D person, you will learn this about me quickly. I wasn’t going to the film to see it in 3D, I just wanted to see it in theaters for the sake of seeing my favorite film on the big screen. However it was the first film to make me notice and love the idea of 3D. They added several frames and several things here and there to have a very vibrant 3D effect in a majority of the scenes found throughout the movie. The environments truly give you the sense of 3D in every scene. I don’t know if it’s because it was easy to translate “2D” hand drawn animation into 3D effects or what, but if more films were like this I would truly become a 3D fan!

The Sound Wasn’t Touched

This is a good or bad thing, and I’m not entirely sure if it was my theaters fault or not. The sound was a bit hollow in a majority of the film, with a few spontaneous moments of greatness. The music and voice acting were still brilliant, but everything was focused on the center and front channels. The theater as a whole felt very quiet and the kid constantly making straw sounds was easily heard. I personally think they could have taken some extra effort and tossed in some birds chirping, wind blowing, and upped the level of the sound effects that were already there (such as walking).

They had a few moments where the sound system was used perfectly, like when Simba sees his dad in the clouds, and  his deep voice carries through the theater. Or when Timone and Pumba were singing and making goofy gestures. It only made me wish they took the effort to do this throughout the whole film though. After all people are paying 15 plus dollars to get in and see a movie they all probably own at home anyways. Plus they took the effort to remove the Stars in the sky when Simba is looking for help because some people will so easily try to spell “sex” in anything Disney makes……

See It Due to Maturity

A lot of “adults” are probably going to pass it up and probably haven’t watched The Lion King simply because they look at it as a kid’s movie and don’t want to give it a chance. Well it’s not “just” a kids movie, it’s one of the best movies ever made. It blends the line between a kid’s tale and an adult comedy for one of the first times ever, and as a kid you don’t catch this.

As a youngster you won’t catch the vibrant lighting in every scene, the stellar voice acting, the powerful story plot points and how well done they are, and most of all the comedic humor throughout the film. I noticed a good majority of the theater was laughing throughout the movie and it was at points I never really laughed at as a kid. As a kid, Timone and Pumba were simply funny, I didn’t know why, but their quirky actions were hilarious. After seeing it this weekend, not only was I laughing at that, but I was laughing at all the quick remarks by every character. You will truly gain a new respect for the film by watching it again, and as a wannabe animator myself it was all the more awesome to see how well done the entire film was.

Updated to Clean Up

I noticed that a lot of the film was a lot more vibrant and somewhat “cleaner” than what I am used to. Granted I am used to the VHS and older version of the film, so it could simply be that I am seeing it in HD. I think a lot of the added 3D effects and changed environment also makes you look at it differently and overall it gives it a different experience. I was a bit sad that they decided to touch things in order to remove a “controversial scene”, and add 3D, but they were not willing to make improvements here and there other than to make it visually better(such as cleaner lines). I think they could have easily done some little animated short or something during the credits for kids perhaps. After all, every dime they make on this movie is pure profit, and with people excited to see it and willing to pay the high price tag of 3D they are going to make a good amount of money. In fact the numbers came out today, it made nearly 30 million dollars and was number one at box office.

Overall the movie felt short. I have already seen the movie about 500 times throughout my life and could easily sing every song and repeat the popular lines, and yet when the hour and half flew right by I was sitting there thinking “I want more!” Beyond having to deal with annoying people in the theater, it was easily the best film I have seen in theaters pretty much all year. Granted you have read our summer review article and understand I wasn’t too impressed with many films this year to begin with. Good job Disney Animation; you have found a way to release my favorite movie two years in a row! (Tangled was awesome)