5 Major Concerns With The Justice League Movie


1) Not Enough Set-Up

While, Marvel’s strategy in approaching The Avengers team-up may seem very overwhelming, it’s hard to deny that it’s very effective.  By giving each of the main characters in their Avengers movie their own individual films, Marvel has eliminated a key problem with a team-up movie: the introduction of the characters.

In such a film, it’s important that all the big characters get the proper introduction and time on the screen.  It keeps things interesting, and ensures that fans see the characters they most care about.  The problem, is that in a 2 hour film, it’s hard to cram all of that in there.

To combat this, Marvel gave them all their own films.  This makes sure that everyone is already aware of each of the main characters and their backgrounds, before thrusting them all together.  This can save a lot of time, and allows them to jump right into The Avengers without a lot of set-up time.

This is a big concern for me, for this Justice League movie.  Right now only 3 of their major characters in the JL will have a movie out by then: Man of Steel, Green Lantern, and Dark Kight Rises.  While that’s not too bad, that still leaves Wonder Woman and the Flash as characters who need to be set-up within that film; more depending on how many main superheroes they throw in there.  But even so, they really haven’t established those yet.  I’ll explain next….

Superm and Batman

2) No Continuity Between Current Films

The current crop of DC films have feature no continuity between them.  As far as they are concerned each hero film essentially exists in their own little universe, with no interaction between one another.  Hell, when Christopher Nolan was still writing TDKR and just got the gig as producer on Man of Steel, he said in an interview that those two worlds (Superman and Batman) will not cross.

The same probably holds true for the Green Lantern movie as well, but there’s no telling with that one just yet.  It’s another thing Marvel has done well.  The many cameos they have within all of their films, is a great fan service and shows a connected universe that’s great for continuity.  Essentially a Justice League movie would be starting from scratch with all of the characters.

But even if that weren’t the case, it’d still be much harder for people to swallow the concept, when in all of the films previous, none of the heroes even knew about each other.  Throwing them all together now, and acting like it’s normal would be a stretch.  It would take too much screen time to establish those links  all within the one film as well (again, this goes back to point #1).  Without the continuity other films could set-up, a Justice League movie could come off as feeling rushed, or ill thought out.

Christian Bale Batman

3) An All New Batman

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve grown fairly attached to the Batman character Nolan has provided us.  But the truth is, for the Justice League, we’d be getting an all new Batman.  I’m not just talking about a new actor either, although that too is the case.

Christian Bale has stated in a few interviews now that after Dark Knight Rises, he’s pretty much done with the character.  So it would be a completely different actor than the one fans have been following for a long time now, and it’d be a different type of Batman as well.

Like I mentioned earlier, the Batman Nolan has made, doesn’t really exist in the same universe as the other DC heroes.  He’s reality based and wouldn’t mesh well with the more fantastical settings of the others in the Justice League.

So a different kind of Batman than what Nolan has made, and what fans have known for the past several years, plus an all new actor…That’s a lot to ask fans to take in.  It’s like having an all new character that once again needs to be established.  While Mark Ruffalo replacing Ed Norton as The Hulk is kind of similar, at least Marvel isn’t asking us to forget the version of Hulk they established and accept an all new one just a year later.

Justice League

4) Casting

So who the Hell would be cast for each role?  That’s another big issue.  Since all of the individual movies presumably exist on their own, would it even make sense to have the same actors come back?  I would love to see that, but it still wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Since Man of Steel is very recent and hasn’t begun filming yet, it’s possible, that elements of Justice League could be present throughout.  Who knows, maybe Henry Cavill has already signed a deal for that movie as well.

Bale won’t be Batman, but it’s also possible to get Ryan Reynolds back as Green Lantern. So that leaves you with two cast members.  Would Adrianne Palicki (who’s Wonder Woman in the new TV show) also play the film version?  Who would be the Flash?  Would those actors then reprise the roles for their subsequent individual films?

It’s a lot of questions, but important ones, as anyone they cast in those roles is going to have to dedicate their time to at least a couple films on top of it.

Wonder Woman

5) The Wonder Woman Costume

Okay, this isn’t so much a concern as it is a plea.  Please!  Warner Bros, for all that is good in the world, please don’t use the Wonder Woman costume from the new TV show.  It’s awful and will only make this movie a travesty of the highest level.  Might as well put Batman in a kids’ costume and call it a day at that point.

I know it seems like there’s a lot here to be worried about…well, there is.  But even so, I have to say that I’m still very excited for this movie, and I hope that it happens.  Perhaps, it’d be best if they put it on the back burner for a bit, instead of rushing it through, but they’ve got a couple years in which to get it all together.  Perhaps there is a solution to all of these issues, and they’re already working on it.  Who knows?  Let’s just cross our fingers that this won’t end up in a debacle.