Baby Bump Luck, 6 Degrees of Tom Cruise and Oscar Curses

Baby Bump Luck – Is it fact or fiction?

Rachel Weisz & Catherine Zeta-Jones – Ladies and babies that won Oscars.

Cate Blanchett & Glenn Close – Lucky ladies that went on to have babies.

For years now whenever an actress is nominated for an Oscar and she has a baby on board, there is the instant thought that the tiny tyke will bring Oscar luck. Is it like rubbing the magic Buddha belly and expecting Oscar gold to manifest? Does a baby bump make an actress luckier than an actress who isn’t expecting? Or is it just plain luck of the draw? Who knows, but if you were playing the odds in Vegas, I wonder what those odds would be.

6 Degrees of Tom Cruise – Does having a relationship with Tom Cruise make Oscar gold Mission Possible?

Cameron Diaz & Kathryn Morris + Tom Cruise Film Relationships + Talent = Career Luck


Nicole Kidman & Penelope Cruz + Tom Cruise Love Relationships + Talent = Oscar Gold

For a while now I’ve been extrapolating on the fact that people who work with Tom Cruise go on to have fame, fortune, career longevity, and great success in said career. Take for example Cameron Diaz (crazy ex-girlfriend in Vanilla Sky, love interest in Knight and Day), and Kathryn Morris (his wife in Minority Report who has that successful show Cold Case). Both gifted actresses are extremely successful. However, those actresses that actually had a real life love connection with Mr. Mission Impossible, go on to win an Oscar. Case in point, observe uber talented Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz. There’s no doubt these women won Oscars based on the merit of their acting chops alone, but isn’t it interesting that they’ve both won Oscars and have been in love with Tom Cruise? I’m just saying, but it seems to me that Tom Cruise just might be an Oscar lucky charm who likes to be with exceptionally talented women.  

The Dreaded Oscar Curses – Are they myth, legend and superstition or nothing more than foolish fables and just plain sad?

Halle Berry & Sandra Bullock – Love rules at Oscar followed by broken hearts after Oscar.

There are Oscar legends only spoken of in hushed voices while throwing salt over one’s shoulder in hopes to ward off the Dreaded Oscar Curses. Heaven forbid that they could be true, but the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Halle Berry and Sandra Bullock have almost become Oscar cautionary tales. These famously brilliant women have gone on to win Oscar for their stupendous performances. They were at the height of their careers when everything goes horribly awry and their beaus end up being cause for very public heartbreak, heartache and scandal. Was it the Oscar Curse, or was it just a classic case of relationships coming to an end at an inopportune and coincidental time?


Marisa Tomei and Kevin Costner – Fluking out at Oscar followed by flunking out after Oscar.

And what about the flunking after winning Oscar fable? Well, if Marisa Tomei’s and Kevin Costner’s Oscar wins come to mind when you hear this, you might just worry for your favorite Oscar winner this year. Achieving performances that reassured us that their Oscar wins were more than just fortunate flukes was hard to do for these two actors following their Oscar triumphs; which could be considered the curse of Oscar coming to pass. But look at Tomei; she has redeemed herself quite well, and I still have hope for the ever resilient and dashing Kevin Costner. Let’s hope both the relationship Oscar Curse and the Career Oscar Curse are simply myth and simple superstition, because breaking up and flunking out are just plain sad.    

No matter what happens on Sunday night, some people will go home with Oscars, some will not, and some people will have come within 6 Degrees of Tom Cruise. A few people will definitely be having a baby, and hopefully there are no Oscar Curses to escape. And if you want to try the odds in Vegas, you can bet your lucky bottom dollar that Oscar night is sure to be full of surprises!

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