Can You Name the Movie Franchise?

Here’s a brain-teaser for movie buffs! If we give you the movie scores and box office earnings of a movie franchise over time, can you guess the franchise?

Are you up for a challenge? Need something to occupy your mind for a while? Are you a cinephile, but tired of trivia? We’ve got a test for you.

Scroll down on this page and you’ll find a number of charts detailing the box office grosses and critical scores over time for 18 movie franchises. I want to see if you can name all of these franchises, A-R. Each “franchise” consists of 9 films. These films include direct sequels, prequels, remakes, spin-offs, crossovers, and “re-imaginings”. For the most part, all the films in a “franchise” take place in the same universe, or there are theories that these films all take place in the same universe. Exceptions include remakes, and re-tellings of stories involving the same character. For example, the DCU is included in here, but since that franchise has only 8 films, I latched on the last major DC-comic based movie to have come out before the first DCU film.

For all but two of these franchises, we are counting 9-films backward from the most recently-released film. There are two franchises with so many films in them I split them into two 9-film franchises; two “franchises” are the 9 most recently-released films of these mega franchises in descending order, and two “franchises” are the 9 first released films of these mega franchises. In each chart, the horizontal axis starts at zero and counts in years from the 9th most recently released film towards today. The franchises are assigned a letter based more or less on their chronological order. The first film in “Franchise A” came out the longest time ago, and the first film in “Franchise R” is among the most recent of films beginning the 9 films of what we are defining as a franchise. The chart at the very bottom (scroll all the way down) puts this into perspective. Box office proceeds are worldwide, and adjusted for inflation.

Need some hints? I’ll be dropping clues daily on twitter @gsperno. Once I have posted a clue for each franchise, I’ll post a link to the answers if anyone wants them. Feel free to check in with me before then to see how well you did. Bragging rights to the first one who can get all 18 correct before I post the answers.

You can’t really cheat at this, so feel free to look up movie scores on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic to help narrow down your selections. To get you started, here are some potentially helpful hints:

  • Not every franchise that could conceivably have 9 films is included.
  • Only one franchise has all films directed by the same person.
  • Only includes major theatrical releases, no direct-to-video, or cartoon film versions of franchises best known for their live-action versions.
  • One film is included in two different franchises.
  • One franchise does not meet the requirement of all films taking place in the same universe, but is instead a franchise of movies all with similar source material and purpose.