Cinelinx’s Movie- Lovers Gift Guide (2018)

Like many of you, we here at Cinelinx can’t believe it’s already that time of year to be thinking about Holiday shopping, but here we are! As we’ve done in years past, our team is here to help with your shopping needs with THREE separate gift guides (one for movies, games, and all things geek). 

We’re kicking it all off with our gift guide for movie lovers, so let’s dive right in (but don’t forget the ULTIMATE gift for movie fans…Cinelinx: The Game):

2001 A Space Odyssey 4k Blu ray angle 720px 1 


2018 has been another solid year for movies, and there is certainly a new or new-old release out for every movie lover. The ultimate summer movie from this year was Mission: Impossible -Fallout, and it will get released to video just in time for the Holiday season. This one’s for fans of Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, hard-hitting action, and of course, incredible stunts!

For the ultimate movie buff, let’s not forget about this year being the 50th anniversary of the iconic film, 2001: A Space Odyssey. And since technology has improved since 1968, no version of the film will look as good as the new 4K version:

Steven Spielberg returned to the big-budget blockbuster earlier this year with Ready Player One. It’s a great film for teenagers as they can pick out all of their favorite pop-cultural references while enjoying the action and the adventure.

And for all the Trekkies out there, let’s not forget that Star Trek: Discovery is heading to home release. For all of those people that may have waited to avoid paying for CBS All Access, now’s your chance!

Batman TAS


There are a LOT of options for great movie gifts this year. In my case, as the 4K Ultra HD has become more prominent and more accessible for general consumers, the wish list is definitely about upgrading my home entertainment collection.

The Matrix Trilogy 4K

Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Collection 4K

Batman: The Complete Animated Series Blu-Ray (not 4K, but too damn cool to pass up)

Beyond these, however, there are some other movie goodies, I’d love to find under the tree this year:

Alien Covenant: David’s Drawings – If you’re an Alien fan, this is a pretty sweet set of books. Set “in universe” it dives deeper into David’s madness and experiments.

Ticket Stub Diary – Kind of like a scrapbook for movie fans, this nifty thing helps you keep up with all your movie outings, or special occasion films.

black media


Black Panther – This is one of the few movies that I could actually agree with the reason why the villain was doing what he was doing, even though he was a bit heavy handed in the execution of his plan. Not to mention sitting at well over $700 million dollars (domestic) and being the top grossing MCU film (also from domestic gross) doesn’t hurt things much either.

Sorry to Bother You – This movie was 100% not what I was expecting. I only watched a few tv spots and just thought oh its a Rom-Com movie with LaKeith Stanfield (Atlanta) and Tessa Thompson (Thor: Ragnarok, Dear White People). What I saw was one of the trippiest dystopian themed flicks I’ve had the pleasure to watch in a long time.

There’s kind of a theme here but my last flick is BlacKkKlansman, A movie about the true life story of retired officer Ron Stallworth. “So what?!” you might ask, well Officer stallworth was the first Black person to join the Colorado Springs Police department in the late 70’s, Oh and he was also able to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan and stop a number of crimes there were going to commit.

Ok I kinda lied, there’s 2 more movies I need to mention. Even if you don’t buy them, these are movies that deserve to watched EVERY Christmas. First we have Die Hard, it’s the 30th Anniversary of its release so maybe this one should be bought. Next up is Die Hard 2: Die Harder, or wait 2 years and get the 30th anniversary edition of that one. You can stop after that one, but if you really need to buy another one you might as well get em all right here: Die Hard 5-Movie Collection.

Mission Impossible


There have been so many awesome movies that came out this year that I was hard-pressed to narrow it down to just a few to recommend. However, I eventually decided these are the films you definitely need to pick up this holiday season.

First there’s Solo: A Star Wars Story. I know it wasn’t the best received Star Wars film, but you really should give it a chance. Donald Glover absolutely nails the role of young Lando Calrissian and there are plenty of Star Wars Easter eggs to be found in the film. There’s also a certain cameo at the end of the film that you must see.

Second, I have to absolutely recommend Avengers: Infinity War; this is one film where you should definitely believe the hype. Ten years of MCU action culminated in this film and it does not disappoint. On a similar note I also have to recommend Black Panther, because it is amazing and it’s made me wish more than anything that Wakanda was real.

Third, you should definitely pick up Mission Impossible: Fallout as it is the best entry in the series to date (even better than Ghost Protocol, which is saying a lot). The tension in this film keeps you at the edge of your seat right up to the end and luckily it’s hitting Blu-Ray/DVD just in time for the holiday shopping season.

indiana jones the complete adventures blu ray1


I’m going to keep this pretty simple, short, and sweet. With the holidays right around the corner and Black Friday coming next week. . .there are a lot of deal I think you should jump on since their great movies at super cheap prices!

I think my first collection of films to buy would have to be the Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventure Collection . These films meant so much to me as a child. . .even though the last one disappointed me as an adult, Harrison Ford is still great as Indiana Jones, no matter how bad the film was!

Next up is the  The Matrix Collection which you can find the BD version for only $12.99! The Wachowski Bros. changed the film industry with the first Matrix and pretty much changed how I looked at films as a whole, so I would have to say the entry collection should be in your collection.

Yet again, met with another great amazon 4 film BluRay deal and that is the 4 Film Favorites: Batman Collection. Although the changing of the actors was a bit annoying, Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Return we’re by far some of the best Batman films ever made. Even though there were new actors and directors with Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, I still think they were great films for what they were.

And lastly Maverick because, well, it’s Maverick.

Ingmar Bergman

JUSTIN (The Casual Cinecast)

There were so many great movies that came out in the first half of the year that are already available on Blu Ray, DVD and Digital. I don’t even know how to narrow down what movies I would want most for Christmas this year so I’ll just quickly give you the best 2018 film from each genre that is available right now.

For the Action fan – Mission: Impossible Fallout

For the Comedy fan – Blockers

For the Horror fan – Hereditary

For the Drama/Thriller fan – You Were Never Really Here

For the Indie fan – Eighth Grade

For the Sci-Fi fan – Ready Player One

Saving the best for last is one for the arthouse and foreign film lover. The ultimate gift for cinephiles this year has to be the Ingmar Bergman’s Cinema box set from The Criterion Collection. This box set celebrates the 100th birthday of one of cinema’s greatest directors and includes 39 of his films and over 30 hours of supplemental features. It’s a must have and I will be begging for Criterion or Barnes & Noble gift cards from my relatives and friends so I can save up for this beautiful behemoth of a box set.

black panther 2018


2018 had a ton of pleasant surprises when it came to movies. Films that many didn’t expect to be anything memorable turned out to be flicks we’d want to watch again and again. So, this holiday season here are the movies I loved that you should get for your resident movie buff…

Superhero Genre – Black Panther, Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War, Ant-Man & The Wasp

Comedy Genre – Blockers, Game Night

Romance Genre – Crazy Rich Asians

Sci-Fi Genre – Ready Player One, Solo: A Star Wars Story

Action Genre – Mission: Impossible Fallout

I think the resounding lesson to learn from this list is that Mission: Impossible Fallout and Ready Player One may have been our favorite films of the year, and with good reason. They were absolutely fantastic flicks. The three that really surprised me, this year, were Blockers, Game Night, and Crazy Rich Asians. I had low expectations for all three and they were sensational.  With the two comedy films, I literally could not stop laughing throughout both films. For Crazy Rich Asians, it’s an event, as well as an achievement for a film made up of an entirely Asian cast.Singapore isn’t featured often, but the way CRA depicted it, it made my wife and I run home and book our flights. It’s definitely one to watch.


Didn’t find the perfect gift in our movie lists? Don’t fret, our gaming and geek guides are coming shortly, or you can check out our Geek Picks Of The Week where we’ve been spotlighting some other unique gifts for nerds. 

-Cinelinx Team