Cinelinx’s Summer Movies Awards (2013) – Nominations!

Below, you’ll find the nominations we as a team picked in various categories for the 2013 Summer Movie Season.  Because we have such awesome readers and members here on the site, we’re going to let the victors be chosen by you…AND we’re giving you a chance at a free movie to boot.

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is vote on the winners in the comments below (must be picked from the nominations provided), and give us a little info on why you picked those films.  That’s it! Voting will take place from now until September 12th (Thursday).  On the 13th we’ll announce the winners of the Movie Awards plus pick a winner for the free movie (at random from all entries received). 

More information on the contest and how to earn extra entries follows the nominations!

Best Cameo Appearance: Sometimes the highlight of a film, or some of the more memorable scenes come not from the main characters, but from the cameo appearances. They could be in the form of fan service with special characters (not a particular actor), a specific actor, or just a moment of awesomeness. Many films feature cameos, but these are the nominees for who we felt were the best the Summer had to offer!

1) Professor X and Magneto (The Wolverine)
2) Nathan Fillion and Stanley Tucci (Percy Jackson & The Sea Of Monsters)
3) Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek Into Darkness)
4) Nathan Fillion (Much Ado About Nothing)

Best Action Sequence: Summer blockbusters are typically packed with action, and 2012 was no different. Several films provided some interesting set pieces and that’s what we’re here to highlight. We’re not talking overall action in a film, but particular scenes that just made you go ‘wow’.

1) Bar Brawl (The World’s End)
2) Gypsy Danger vs. 2 Kaijus (Pacific Rim)
3) Superman vs. Zod (Man of Steel)
4) Max vs. Kruger (Elysium)
5) Iron Men vs. Extremis Goons (Iron Man 3)

Standout Actor Performances: Some actors are just amazing in whatever role they take on and really stand out in the film. Even if the film itself wasn’t any good, we don’t feel it’s proper to punish an actor’s performance for it. So the nominations for this category included any actor that went above and beyond in their performance, regardless of the quality of film.

1) Henry Cavill (Man of Steel)
2) Benedict Cumberbatch (Star Trek: Into Darkness)
3) Matt Damon (Elysium)
4) Simon Pegg (The World’s End)

Best Visual Effects: Visual effects are fairly commonplace these days in films (whether they’re practical or computer enhanced) and many Summer blockbusters are known for the amazing visuals they provide. Sometimes the visuals may be the only thing good about a movie! For this category we chose nominees reflecting both overall visuals as well as specific scenes with incredible visuals.

1) Pacific Rim
2) Elysium
3) Man of Steel
4) Star Trek Into Darkness
5) Iron Man 3

Most Mindless: Movies are designed to be entertaining. Sometimes they manage to be entertaining while presenting a memorable story and characters at the same time. Other times, however, a film is just pure mindless fun. You won’t find much deep meaning behind these nominees, and possibly not even a desire to see them again, but they all provided some mindless entertainment.

1) R.I.P.D.
2) We’re the Millers
3) The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
4) Pacific Rim

Most Disappointing: Many people lump their worst films with the most disappointing films, but we feel there is a key difference here. Maybe it was a film we had high expectations for and they fell short, or it just wasn’t the film we hoped it would be. That doesn’t necessarily make them terrible films, or the worst thing we saw over the Summer (sometimes it was though), but they just didn’t make the grade.

1) The Wolverine
2) After Earth
3) R.I.P.D.
4) Kick-Ass 2
5) Iron Man 3

Most Surprising: There are times when the marketing for a film just doesn’t do it justice, and it looks like it’ll end up being a real stinker. Then when you get in the theater to watch it, you’re pleasantly surprised to find a good and entertaining film. This category is dedicated to those films we all thought wouldn’t be any good, but turned out to be decent, if not amazing.

1) This is the End
2) The Conjuring
3) Europa Report
4) 2 Guns

Best Film of Summer: This one is pretty self-explanatory. This category is for the hands down best movie of the Summer. These films all managed to tell a good story, powerful characters, and an overall experience that was just plain fun. I also think it’s pretty damn telling of how far the genre has come that 3 of the films nominated are comic book movies.

1) Elysium
2) Star Trek Into Darkness
3) Man of Steel
4) The World’s End
5) Fruitvale Station

Worst Film of Summer: Unfortunately this Summer did present us with some real stinkers, both critically and in the box office.  So here are the nominees for the worst film this Summer gave us. 

1) The Smurfs 2
2) Now You See Me
3) The Lone Ranger
4) The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
5) After Earth

As we said, to vote and enter our giveaway, merely post in the comments below your picks, and why you picked them.  On will post up the movie winners on September 13th, and will also choose one of our entrants at random to win the Summer Movie Blu-Ray of your choice.  Basically, we’ll buy you your favorite Summer movie on blu-ray (pre-order it if it’s not out yet).  You simply have to pick out any film that came out during the Summer Movie Season (sorry, regular blu-ray’s only, no collector’s editions) and we’ll send it to you!

We’ll also be posting these nominations on our Facebook Page as poll questions, and by answering those you will earn yourself a second entry to win. 

Good luck and happy voting!