Directors Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco Give Dallas, TX Press and Children Sneak Peek of The Croods

“The Croods” tells the tale of the first family of humans. The group finds themselves forced into a brave new world after their cave home is destroyed. They run into many dangers and exotic creatures in their journeys. Can they re-locate and find their place in this new domain or will they just go extinct?

You could feel the excitement in the air as directors Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco entered the meeting room of the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, TX. This was one more positive step towards their beloved film’s release date. More importantly, it was the perfect opportunity to get the word out to not only reporters, but children who would eagerly tell all their friends at school about “The Croods.” I couldn’t blame them for their enthusiasm to talk about the movie, which they’ve been working on since 2005.

Both Sanders and DeMicco have impressive resumes that more than qualify them to take the reins of a blockbuster movie like “The Croods.” Sanders worked on Disney classics like “Aladdin,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “The Lion King” before moving over to DreamWorks and helming “How to Train Your Dragon.” DeMicco cut his teeth working on films like “Quest for Camelot,” “Racing Stripes,” and “Space Chimps.”

The two proudly displayed different animals which were hybrids of species from the Prehistoric Age. They would ask the audience to guess what different animals they used to create the one shown on screen. It was both humorous and impressive to watch the children raise their hands like they were in school. Many of them guessed the difficult combinations correctly.

A voice cast of big name actors will appeal to everyone young and old. Nicolas Cage stars as the head of the family, Grug. Emma Stone portrays his daughter Eep. Ryan Reynolds voices nomad Guy, who shows romantic interest in Eep.

“The Croods” provides family fun in the vein of “The Flintstones.” However, this is no “modern stone age family.” These are meant to be “real” cave people dealing with the dangers of the Prehistoric time period. It might not be based on facts, but it’s sure fun to watch.

You can go here to see pictures from “The Croods” Press Event in Dallas, TX.