Double Duty: 9 Actors who’ve Played Both Marvel and DC Characters

Marvel and DC may have a rivalry going, but that doesn’t stop them from hiring actors who’ve previously worked for the competition. Below is a list of nine actors who’ve portrayed characters from both comic book publishers.

Ryan Reynolds

1 Ryan Reynolds Deadpool

For Marvel: His first foray into the super hero realm was as Hannibal King in Blade: Trinity (2004). Later, he joined Hugh ‘Wolverine’ Jackman as part of the X-franchise, taking on the role of the mutant Wade “Deadpool” Wilson in X-Men: Origins-Wolverine (2009). He is set to recreate this role in Deadpool (2016)

For DC: He got his big opportunity for super hero stardom playing the cosmic hero with the power ring in Green Lantern (2011). Sadly, that didn’t work out too well. He was never asked back for a sequel.

Halle Berry

1 berry

For Marvel: The Oscar-winning actress has played the weather-controlling mutant Storm in four of the X-Men films; most recently in X-Men: Day of Future Past (2014).

For DC: Her other notable entry in the comic book cinematic genre was not as well received. She stared as Catwoman (Named Patience Phillips in this one) in the notorious 2004 bomb Catwoman.

Ben Affleck

1 ben affleck daredevil batman

For Marvel: His portrayal of Matt Murdock—AKA that blind hero from Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil—in 2003, got mixed reactions. This devil didn’t burn up the box office and there was no sequel (Although there was a spin-off. More on that later.)

For DC: His name has been all over the media lately, ever since he was chosen to be the latest actor to don the cowl of the caped crusader Batman, beginning with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and again in the two-part Justice League 1 & 2 (Coming in 2017 and 2019 respectively). There’s been a great deal of debate about whether or not he was the right choice for the job. We’ll find out next year. In a round-about way, he also played Superman. More accurately, he played George Reeves playing Superman in Hollywoodland (2006).

Tommy Lee Jones

1 Tommy lee jones 2 face

For Marvel: The Oscar winning Jones had a supporting role as bombastic Col. Phillips in the 2011 super hero adventure Captain America: the First Avenger, although the WW2 time period precluded his participation in the sequel.

For DC: Years before he helped Captain America throw his mighty shield, he vexed the dark knight of Gotham as Harvey ‘2-Face’ Dent in Batman Forever (1995).

Terrance Stamp

1 Terence Stamp

For Marvel: He played the blind martial arts teacher Stick in the afore mentioned Daredevil spin-off Elecktra (2005). The movie was a flop, although Jennifer Garner looked damn good while bombing.

For DC: Long before he trained Electra, he tried to conquer the world as the magnificently evil Kryptonian megalomaniac General Zod in Superman 2 (1980). To this day, he remains one of the all-time great comic book villains. He also did the voice for Jor-El in Smallville.

Adrianne Palicki

1 adrianne palicki wonder woman

For Marvel: She’s currently appearing on the ABC series Agents of SHIELD, as Bobbi “Mockingbird” Morse. She’ll continue to play that role in the recently announced spin-off show.

For DC: When it comes to female super heroes, they don’t come any more iconic than Wonder Woman. Palicki won the role of the Amazon Princess in the 2011 TV pilot for a new Wonder Woman series. The show never got beyond the poorly reviewed pilot episode. Let’s hope that Gal Godot has better luck. 

Laurence Fishburne

1 LaurenceFishburne

For Marvel: He hasn’t physically appeared in a Marvel film, but Fishburne supplied the voice for the Silver Surfer in the mediocre 2007 film Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

For DC: More recently, he took on the role of Perry White in Man of Steel (2013), a role he’ll reprise in 2016 for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

 1 Conan 1

For Marvel: The former Governor of California first began wielding the savage sword of Conan in Conan the Barbarian (1982) and then in Conan the Destroyer (1984). He also played a Conan clone called Kalidor in the 1985 misfire Red Sonja. You may say that this one isn’t technically accurate because Conan the Barbarian was originally a literary character, created by Robert E. Howard. True enough, but he still had a long-running series in Marvel comics, so I’m adding him to the list.

For DC: In what was not his finest hour, big Arnold had the misfortune of playing Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin (1997), one of the worst super hero films ever.

Kelly Hu

1 kelly hu

For Marvel: She may not have gotten any lines to speak, but she got a cool action sequence, battling Wolverine as Lady Deathstrike in X2: X-Men United.

For DC: Currently, she has a recurring role as the evil villainess China White on the CW TV series Arrow.