Epic Take on an Old Story

Though it should tell you something, that in all of the reviews out, there is only one main issue to bring up.  Let me start by saying I love this film, absolutely think it is the greatest thing to happen to filmmaking in a long time.  That being said I tend to get a little defensive when it comes to its flaws.  The only thing I thought was an issue, (and this is minor mind you) was the Na’vi design.  In a world where every other inhabiting creature has developed four eyes and multiple limbs, it seems odd to me to have a bipedal, two-eyed, humanoid creature being the intelligent population.  Like I said, trivial and mostly a design error, but no big deal.  
On to the big one: the story.  I have heard many people talk about how generic and cliché the story was.  To those people, I say “you’re right”.  It’s a story that has been told countless times in many genres, and I don’t think I’d been wrong in saying the people who wrote Dances With Wolves should feel ripped off.  Cameron has always been a very archetypical story teller, but it’s an aspect that works for him.  While Avatar doesn’t really present a theme that hasn’t been told before, it delivers those themes in a new perspective (transcending even the genre) that makes even the cliché parts feel fresh.  There was never any point in the film where I thought, “oh man this has been done before.”  My thoughts at those moments were “how come it’s never been done like this before?”  
The storyline has been in many films before, but I feel Cameron has finally created a movie with the epic scale necessary for this kind of storyline.  No other movie has presented this kind of story on this grand of a scale.  Even though I’ve seen the story done before, this was the first time where I felt it had been done properly; leaving me invigorated for the experience.  I never once felt like they were rehashing old concepts (though they kind of were) but were finally showing off these ideas in a way wholly different from before.  
Enjoy the story for what it is, because regardless of whether or not it’s cliché, it is still an amazing adventure filled with drop-dead gorgeous graphics (detailed to a ridiculous level), and a fun factor that will keep you on the edge of your seat.