First trailer for ‘Priest’ discloses vampires in a new dimension

Screen Gems reveals to audiences the first trailer for their upcoming horror film, Priest – showcasing vampires in a changed twist.

Priest is set in a world of extensive damage between human and vampire for centuries. A legendary warrior priest, Priest (Paul Bettany) comes out from hiding behind the walls of the Church; he ventures outside the sacred barricade to hunt down the creatures of the night that have kidnapped his niece. Joined by a small posse, they travel to pursue the atrocious leader (Karl Urban).

I am divided on the fence after watching the trailer. The vampires are depicted in a gruesome light but not sure how I feel about it as a whole. Director Scott Stewart has not impressed me after his last effort in Legion even with Bettany’s joint attempts. Finding redeeming qualities in his horror flick doesn’t urge me to shadow it further.

As we know starring in this movie are Paul Bettany and Karl Urban as well as Maggie Q, Lilly Collins, Cam Gigandet, Brad Dourif, Christopher Plummer and Steven Moyer. Priest releases in theaters May 13, 2011.

Skim to 0:35 on the YouTube video to catch the trailer.