Henry Cavill Wants a WORLD’S FINEST Film

The Man of Steel is opening this weekend and it’s sure to be a major hit. Some people are saying that it may be the film to beat this summer. (Although it will have a tough time beating the massive gross of Iron Man 3) DC hopes that this movie will be the springboard for a whole new cinematic universe, much as Marvel Entertainment has done. Henry Cavill may very well become a huge star after this.

While promoting Man of Steel, Cavill has been asked what he knows about future DC projects. He is hopeful that the proposed Justice League film will live up to expectations, when the script is finally straightened out (the production has been in development hell for a year now). However, there’s another project he’d like to see first. Cavill says he would love a World’s Finest film with Superman and Batman teaming up.

I think it would be great” Cavill, said, and refers to Superman and Batman as “two sides of the same coin”. Cavill says he would love to see them brought together. He’d be willing to star in the film if it were to be made.

The idea makes a lot of sense, since DC is reluctant to make movies about other characters except for Superman and Batman, a World’s Finest film could test the waters for a multi-hero DC movie and segue into the planned Justice League film.

Although there are no current plans for such a film, what do you think of the idea of a World’s Finest movie, and who should play the Batman if they did?