Hold Your Horses: Don’t Forget Everyone Hated Joss Whedon Too

Let me say this to begin with, I love Zack Snyder as a directing choice.  In general, I think he knows how to handle film adaptations of properties and does a good job with them.  While stories on his original stuff (Sucker Punch) is lacking, he works well when adapting other stories for the big screen; and frankly, all the hate towards him for his next projects (Batman vs. Superman and Justice League) makes very little sense to me. 


While I feel it’s important for movie buffs and nerds to share their opinions on things (that’s the great thing about the internet), I feel judging a film’s quality based on scant information is a little over the top.  I scoured the interwebs to find fan reactions to the announcement that Joss Whedon was directing The Avengers (news that hit in 2010).  Knowing how big of a success the film was both financially and critically, I can’t help but laugh at these; especially because I remember this being the general sentiment among a lot of fans:

“this is a really bad move. i’ve watched buffy and firefly, but he doesn’t have the chops to direct a real super hero movie”

“Bad move, I think. Im a big comic fan but not a whedonite – his stuff is just too melodramatic and trite to me. I just hope he’s not involved with the script. The could have gotten a more solid technician like Jonathan Mostow for just as cheap.”

“Wow. This is supposed to be news that would enrapture the masses? Is this gonna be an aimless comedy film, with bad one-lines and lame pop culture winks? Because that’s what Whedon excels at.”

“This movie is supposed to be huge. Why wouldn’t they hire a more experienced director? Robert Rodriguez, Edgar wright, Alex Proyas, just to name a few. Serenity was cool but not great.”

“When i just saw the headline of this article I got the exact same feeling as when I heard McG was doing Terminator Salvation.
This has complete FAILURE written all over it.”

“Joss Whedon is an overrated writer and a terrible director. Marvel effed up with this one.”

“Terrible choice:

Over rated writer and a low level Director.

I can guarantee this movie will start off as a blockbuster due to Downey Jr. and fizzle quickly once seen and word of mouth spreads about the holes in the plot, the terrible directing etc.

Marvel/Disney goofed on this one. Would have been better to have Mickey mouse Direct this rather than Whedon.”

“Uhg! Nearly the worst possible news. The only thing worse would be if the movie was canceled.”

“No! No, no no! Why did they have to do this? The guy is a terrible writer, a terrible director, and a terrible creator. For God’s sake he created Alien Resurrection, the worst film in the history of film making (worst than Manos, The Hands of Fate), Firefly and Serenity sucked. I can’t believe Marvel did this, it just saddens me. Favreau would have been a far better director.”

“This is the biggest mistake since letting Bret Rattner Direct X-Men 3! This guys is a complete hack, hasn’t done anything even worth mentioning since Buffy! Well in the end Marvel will see what hiring this hack is going to cost them!”

“Huge mistake! Every feature film he has gotten close to has been a pure disaster.”

“Whedon is a man child who is fixated on teenage girls and whiny teenage drama…

I liked the Serenity flick except for Buffy clone #45…whats with him and skinny girls who are killing machines?  Keep ManChild as far away from The Avengers….I heard they need a director for the TeleTubbie movie, go put some “teenage angst” in that and leave the real story telling to people who do not have issues dating back to highschool.”

“well, at least we get a decent Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America film. Hopefully, after Avengers bombs at the box office, Marvel will get a better director for a sequel/reboot.”

“Wow, could this be the worst choice ever? I’m sorry but people are so far up Whedon’s arse they can count his teeth, has anyone actually watched an episode of Buffy lately???

All that super smart dialogue is now the worst cheesey rubbish, the plots terrible. hardly aged well.

Dont even get me started on the crapfest that was Dollhouse.”


Oh man, how wrong fans were in the case of Avengers, and it’s kind of funny to see how similar the comments have been regarding Zack Snyder and Justice League.  While that doesn’t mean anything conclusive for Batman vs. Superman or Justice League, it does mean that perhaps we should all give the film a chance before passing judgement on it.  Amazing things can happen and shouldn’t be discounted until we’ve seen them suck for ourselves.