Hollywood monsters exposed


1. Avatar (2009)

With the outstanding success of this film, our heroine Neytiri makes it on TheMoviePool’s list. Actress Zoe Saldana plays the unforgettable Na’vi. It is quite distinctive how Zaldana and her character share similar facial features, giving the alien character more ‘human-like’ qualities. Zoe Saldana has played roles in such films as Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, Stark Trek and America’s version of Death at a Funeral. Saldana continues on with her acting career, as her next venture is the 2012 Star Trek sequel.

5th Element

2. The Fifth Element (1997)

The voice of an angel, Diva Plavalaguna, is played by the talented French actress and director Maïwenn Le Besco. Le Besco’s role as Diva plays a pivotal role as she is the keeper of the elemental stones. Le Besco’s career returned back to France after ex-fiancé Luc Besson left her to date Milla Jovovich. She continues to star in French films and expanding her director repertoire.


3. Alien (1979)

A classic movie of all time, Alien still shocks and awes moviegoers. From this franchise, there had launched off comics, toys, novels and multitudes of sequels 31 years later. The man behind the legendary monster is Bolaji Badejo. Badejo was perfect for this role as he towered over most humans at 7 feet 2 inches. It gave the plausibility to believe that no human could have been inside that slimy creature as Badejo had very thin, long arms and legs. After the 1979 success, Badejo has not appeared in any other films. He has done a few pieces of documentary work in concern to Alien but other then that he seems to have dropped off the radar.

Star Wars

4. Star Wars series (1977)

Star Wars, yet another booming franchise, brought out one of the most desired and intriguing villains, Darth Vader. David Prowse wore the suit as James Earl Jones provided the voice for our ideal antagonist. Since Star Wars, Prowse has participated in a few British shows as he has predominately hung up his acting career to focus on helping arthritis organizations and becoming VP of the Physically Handicapped and Able-bodied Association.

District 9

5. District 9 (2009)

District 9 was a film of difference from Hollywood’s current hoopla. How could one not admire the character Christopher Johnson, the memorable alien in District 9. The man under the suit was Jason Cope. A South African actor, Cope played pivotal roles within the movie. He supplied various background voices throughout the film. He has been in other movies such as Doomsday and Big Fellas. Cope’s latest role is in a movie called The Umbrella Man, which is currently in pre-production.

Enemy Mine

6. Enemy Mine (1985)

This 1985 film with Dennis Quaid was a heart-warming story between two enemies who eventually became friends. The Drac, Jeriba “Jerry” Shigan seemed to be a complete savage but was truly a monster people could appreciate. It bespoke how difference between individuals could be laid aside for the common good. The man who performed such a stellar performance was Louis Gossett Jr. Most of his roles have been prominently in numerous television series. He has made guest appearances on Family Guy, and StarGate SG-1. Louis Gossett Jr. is a busy man as he has a number of films coming up. One has been completed while others are in pre-production.


7. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

E.T. touched and won the hearts of the audience. Lovable and innocent this precious monster was played by Michael Pat Bilon. While a lot were controlled by mechanics, Bilon did play most of the roles. Considered one of the smallest dwarfs in the country, Bilon is also noted for his role in Under the Rainbow. Just after the release of E.T., Bilon died suddenly from a case of pneumonia in 1983. After his death, a spokesperson from Universal Studios announced he was E.T.’s helper. Bilon will be a missed treasure as he was not only the operator of this small creature but a big-hearted friend among all that met him.


8. Avatar (2009)

Matching character to face, Eytukan mirrors his handler – Wes Studi. Avatar has taken people to new heights and has been quite alluring for those who have seen this film. Studi, an American Cherokee actor, has played in a multitude of Native American flicks. His most famous roles were in the spectacular Dancing With Wolves and the heart wrenching The Last of the Mohicans. Studi’s current acting career is on fire as he has several films in production. Expect to see his films popping up in the near future.


9. Godzilla (1954)

Godzilla is known by every person on this planet in some shape or form. There is no need to be a film buff to recognize this Japanese character. Godzilla has been an iconic figure for 56 years and continues to expand with remakes, novelty items, comics, etc. Godzilla is going strong without any hints of letting go. The man that started it all was Haruo Nakajima, a Japanese actor that played in numerous Godzilla roles as the legendary creation himself. Some might say that Nakajima is the best suit actor alive. Retiring in the early 1970’s, not much is known of his life after, but he still thrives as he reached his 81st birthday earlier this year.


10.  Predator (1982)

Predator was a film before its time especially with the technology back in the 1980s. Every moment was executed perfectly. This movie will never cease to amaze. It was even captured into a few extra sequels down the road especially with the recent extra-gory, Predators. The man beneath the original suit was Kevin Peter Hall. Due to his rather tall height at an impressive 6 feet 5 inches, his movie roles were cast to play various monster portrayals. After the major success of Predator, Hall starred in a few movies but his major project was in the television series Harry and the Hendersons. During the first season of the show, he died from pneumonia after he contracted AIDS from a blood transfusion.

Star Wars

11. Star Wars (1977)

Even for those who are not into the entire Star Wars epidemic, everyone loves the talkative R2D2. The small droid wiggled his way into the lives of humankind. So who played this robotic creature? Kenny Baker. From his start in 1977 as R2D2, Baker has continuously played in a large sum of Star Wars films as the fictional droid. Currently, Baker will be portraying a Professor in an upcoming film Back2Hell for 2011.

star wars

12. Star Wars (1977)

Who doesn’t love the tall hairy beast better known as Chewbacca, the Wookiee? Expressive to say the least, Chewbacca was quite the character in many ways than just one. Only one man could play this gentle creature, English actor Peter Mayhew. This 7 feet 3 inch actor took it upon himself to study animal movements to successfully become the hairy giant. Replacements could not master the studied achievements Mayhew diligently ensued. He now lives in the town of Granbury, Texas running his own business.

TheMoviePool has unmasked some of the most outstanding monsters in the film industry. These creatures now can share the fame with their handlers. If it was not for these exceptional actors, these characters might not have successfully sold their roles in each of their designated flicks.