Shortlist: Hypothetically Casting the Inevitable Batman Reboot That We Know Nothing About

MichaelFassbender BruceWayne

Michael Fassbender as Bruce Wayne/Batman

I’ll be honest here; as a film blogger, I’m practically required to include Michael Fassbender at the top of the list for ANY casting wishlist I ever make.  Like, ever.  Even if its for Lara Croft or the new Jar Jar Binks in The Phantom Menace remake, Michael Fassbender just HAS to make the list!  For good reason, though; he’s easily one of the most versatile and talented actors of our generation.  And what a Bruce Wayne he would make, huh?  He has the inner darkness and brooding, as seen in X-Men.  He gots the Batman jaw, as seen on his face.  And he has the Playboy aspect down pat, as seen from Shame!  Joking aside, he’d make a perfect Bruce Wayne/Batman.  Let’s just hope the actor didn’t get his fill of comic book properties after the First Class franchise is done.  

Second Choice: Ryan Gosling

Gosling is a damn good actor, and it isn’t too hard to imagine him as Bruce Wayne.  Not sure if he could play a good Batman though…knowing Gosling, though, he’d knock it out of the park.  And if he brought along his buddy Nicolas Wending Refn, that would just be icing on the cake.

JohnNoble AlfredPennyworth

John Noble as Alfred Pennyworth

When I starting thinking of an actor who could possibly live up to Michael Caine, the first actor to come to mind was easily John Noble.  Noble played Denethor in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but fanboys probably know him best from Fringe, where he plays the eccentric yet troubled scientist Walter Bishop.  John Noble is just wonderful on the show, funny yet vulnerable, weird yet sympathetic.  I can easily imagine Noble as Bruce Wayne’s trusted aid.  And his native Australian voice certainly fits the role.  Dream casting it may be, but Noble getting the Alfred role would be pretty damn fantastic in my book.

Second Choice: John Cleese

I had a little difficulty choosing a second choice for Alfred, but finally I settled on John Cleese.  Sure, he mostly does comedy, but he could certainly do justice for the part if he gave it a go.

BryanCranston JamesGordon

Bryan Cranston as James Gordon

Bryan Cranston has slowly been making a name for himself post Malcolm in the Middle.  He’ll next be seen as the villain in Total Recall, and will also appear in Ben Affleck’s Argo.  But most TV fans will know him as Walter White from Breaking Bad, a role that has garnered him three Emmies (and he’s currently nominated for another).  Cranston is PERFECT for the role, both in looks and acting style.  Hell, he already tackled the character in Batman: Year One to great effect.  But that was just voice work.  If he was able to play him in live action, I think he’d do wonders for the role.

Second Choice: Chris Cooper

Cooper was up to play Gordon in Batman Begins, but turned it down to be with his family.  He’d still be really great in the role, though…but if he turned it down once, he’ll probably do it again.

JosephGordonLevitt Robin

Joseph Gordon Levitt as Robin

Note: This explanation will include some light spoilers for The Dark Knight Rises.  If you haven’t seen it yet (seriously?), skip ahead to the next item.

Okay fanboys; calm down before you head into the comment section fuming and with a finger ripe for hate spewing; I’m not saying that Robin WILL be in the next Batman.  No one knows if he will, to be quite honest.  That said, if the reboot really wanted to establish itself as something different from the Nolan trilogy, including Robin would certainly be the way to go.  And if Joseph Gordon Levitt was cast as the part, that would be all the better.  Keep this in mind, though; his inclusion as Robin would have NOTHING to do with what was revealed about John Blake at the end of The Dark Knight Rises.  This is a reboot, remember?  No ties to the previous franchise?  So no, I’m not saying this just because they said his name is Robin.  I’m saying it because he IS Robin.  I mean, just look at the guy!  He’s perfect for the role.

Second Choice: Anton Yelchin

To be fair, Levitt IS a little old for the Robin role at around 31 years old.  And despite the fact that he still looks very young, WB might want to opt for someone a little younger.  If that’s the case, than rising star Anton Yelchin (Star Trek, Fright Night) is their guy.


The Villain

Like all things with this reboot, we have no idea what the hell Warner has planned.  So who would we cast as the villain?  Well, it depends on who they decide the character should be in the first place.  Here’s five of the Caped Crusader’s rogue gallery we would like to see in the film…even if the chance of them actually appearing would be slim:

Neil Patrick Harris as The Riddler: Even though Harris is strongest at comedy, I would love to see what the actor could do with the role.  He certainly sounds a hell of a lot like him.

Robin Williams as Hugo Strange: This would be really freaking cool to see—sadly, with Nolan gone, this may never come to pass (despite the strong rumors years ago that it would).

Bob Hoskins/Philip Seymour Hoffman as The Penguin: Seeing Hoskin’s play a bad guy would be a real treat, especially if it was The Penguin.  That said, Hoskins is probably too old for the role at almost 70 years of age.  Damn…if only it was a couple decades sooner.  Oh well…Philip Seymour Hoffman it is!

David Tennant as Black Mask: There’s no real precedence for David Tennant playing Black Mask…I just want to see David Tennant in more things.  And Black Mask would make a pretty cool villain in a Batman movie too.

Keira Knightley as Poison Ivy: Poison Ivy doesn’t have too much going to her as a bad girl, but it would be a refreshing change of pace for something more fantastically after the terrorist like, realistic villains of the Nolan trilogy.  And Knightley has the sex appeal and acting talent to pull it off.

DannyGlover LuciusFox

Danny Glover as Lucius Fox

Morgan Freeman was god damn PERFECT for the role of Lucius Fox; of all the characters on this list, he was the most difficult to recast.  But since he probably won’t come back for the reboot, that meant he would have to be recast anyways (oh, the wondrous joys of rebooting something).  So I decided that the best bet in this regard would be Lethal Weapon star Danny Glover.  He has the calm, mentor like ability necessary for the role, and certainly looks the part to boot.  He’s rather busy at the moment with a bounty of projects, but would YOU turn down a role in a Batman movie?  If he could sign on for Roland Emmerich’s 2012, he can sign on for this.

Second Choice: Seriously, Just Bring Back Morgan Freeman!

Yeah, I got nothing here.  I was thinking Lawrence Fisburne, but since he’s playing Perry White in the Superman movie…I don’t know, it could be confusing.  So forcing Morgan Freeman to return it is!  Either that, or give it to Bill Cosby.  Imagine THAT movie.

bill cosby 625x450.jpg  625450

And there you have it; our dream cast list for the inevitable Batman reboot.  Sure, no formal planning has gone into the film and we have no idea if it actually exists or not but hey, why should that stuff matter to us?  We just wrote this to capitalize on the Batman craze, and get hits/angry hate mail from you!  And in that regard…I think we succeeded.

DISCUSS: Who would YOU cast in the Batman reboot?  Don’t hesitate to get creative!  But please…no more Man-Bat casting theories.  It’s never going to happen, guys!