Is it possible for a revival of ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’?


Last week Keanu Reeves sat down with MTV to discuss the possibility of a third installment of ‘Bill & Ted’.

Reeves has been quite open to it as well as his former co-star Alex Winter as they have maintained their friendship throughout the years. Writers, Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, are even having the same thoughts about bringing back the movie. Reeves would still love to play the role, but I am not quite sure how that will work considering he is well into his 40s. You might want to let go of that idea, Keanu. It’s all sweet and dandy when this role was played by a young adult but not so much now. Stick to behind the scenes. I might not be impressed to see a mature adult acting a fool. Loses the entire story for me.


Reeves comments, “We’ll see what they do. If it’s a film that can stand up on its own, and I’m meeting people now, they’ve shown the film to their kids. We just seek to entertain, and if that could be something that could be worthwhile on its own…”

In the video interview, Reeves has numerous ideas from execution to the movie to even laughing about acquiring multiple directors to help aid this project along its potential journey. It was even mentioned that by the year 2014, it would mark the 25-year anniversary from the first film. What a great way to celebrate a remake of an intriguing yet silly film from our past. With the heap of 1980’s remakes marching their way to the screen, it looks like Reeves wants to follow down the same trail.

Video courtesy of MTV Movies Blog