James Bond on Location: A Map For Every Bond Film

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James bond gets around, and we’re not just talking about all of the women he’s slept with. The Bond franchise is known for its galavanting nature, where the variation in international locales is part of the fun of watching. Below we have created an infographic with a map representing all of the Eon Productions Bond films (excluding SPECTRE) in chronological order of release, with an overview and lair map at the bottom. The locations shown on the maps are places that either Bond travels to or are depicted which have significant implication in the story (Example – the control center for the spacecraft during the opening scene in You Only Live Twice is not shown on the map). Locations shown on the map are locations as mentioned in the film or alluded to indirectly or in notes (Example – the opening scene in Moonraker is in a plane with no location given, but later it is revealed that Bond had returned from Africa, which is what we used). Finally, the maps show the on-screen locations, not where the scenes were actually filmed (Example – the opening scene in Tomorrow Never Dies takes place “On the Russian Border” but was really filmed in France). 

Stars signify locations of opening scenes, triangles signify locations of villain lairs. Right click on any map and open it in another window to see the full size version. 

Dr NoFrom Russia With LoveGoldfingerThunderballYou Only Live TwiceOn Her Majestys Secret ServiceDiamonds Are ForeverLive And Let DieThe Man With the Golden GunThe Spy Who Loved MeMoonrakerFor Your Eyes OnlyOctopussyA View To A KillThe Living DaylightsLicense To KillGoldeneyeTomorrow Never DiesThe World Is Not EnoughDie Another DayCasino RoyaleQuantum of SolaceSkyfall

Bond Movie Locations copyVillain Lairs

Interesting observations/facts based on the research I did to make the infographic:

  • Bond has traveled to fictitious locations only twice: The island country of San Monique in Live and Let Die, and the Republic of Isthmus in License to Kill.
  • The only films that don’t have a scene that takes place in London are: Live and Let Die, The Spy Who Loved Me, and Moonraker. Every other film has at least one scene in London.
  • Despite London being featured heavily, the only films with an action sequence there are For Your Eyes Only, The World is Not Enough, and Skyfall. The action scenes in For Your Eyes Only, and The World is Not Enough are both during the intro scene.  
  • The most frequently visited cities (besides London) are as follows:
  1. Hong Kong (3 times)
  2. Istanbul (3 times)
  3. Venice (3 times)
  4. (there are many cities he had visited twice, including Nassau, Miami, Tokyo, and Havana)
  • The series has never visited Canada, the sub-Continent of Australia/Oceania, Denmark, any country in the Scandinavian peninsula, and until Spectre, Rome and Mexico. (Although filming had been done in both Canada and Mexico to depict locales elsewhere – example: scenes depicting the fictitious country of the Republic of Isthmus were mostly shot in Mexico).
  • It is interesting to see that the first time the series goes to Russia is in Goldeneye, which is also the first film made after the fall of the USSR. (Although there is a brief sequence in You Only Live Twice which depicts a Russian radar station).
  • The film with the fewest locations is Dr. No. with 2. The film with the most locations is Casino Royale, with 9 differentiated locations.