Lights Camera Booze Seeks to Enhance Your Movie Nights With Fun Games

I love having movie night get togethers with friends.  While some feel that watching a movie doesn’t encourage conversation or quality time, I feel it’s the perfect way to hang out with friends and have a good time.  In college my roommate and I threw some excellent movie nights (of course it helps that we were all film majors) and it’s something I continue to enjoy even today.  So it was really neat for me to see a new book coming out that’s specifically designed to enhance any movie watching event. 


Lights Camera Booze is a brand new book by Kourtney Jason and Lauren Metz, and features drinking games for 33 different movies.  The films are all classics, from various time periods and genres, so no matter what your interest in movies, there’s sure to be a couple of your favorites listed in here.  There are comedies from a handful of decades, action films, horror movies, and science fiction; essentially there’s something for everyone.  I really enjoyed the selection of films they had, because they’re all amazing movies, and if someone in your group hasn’t seen them yet, this game book provides an excellent opportunity for them to watch. 

We’ve all seen drinking games like this before, where you need to take a drink (or shot, or whatever) when a certain thing happens within the film.  These follow along those same lines, but this book adds in a lot more than just the drinking rules. 

Lights Booze

More than the alcohol, the book features nice tidbits of information and trivia on each of the films, giving those who may not have seen them, some background info on the films.  The trivia is thrown in there as “sobriety” checks at the end of the movie, to test your knowledge and how well you hold your liquor.  This gives you yet another game (there’s some other ‘games’ they give you too) in which to play with your friends beyond the movie itself, that features more than just adult beverages.  It’s a nice addition that gives the book something you can’t find elsewhere.

On top of the bonus games it features, Lights Camera Booze also comes with instructions for mixing specialty drinks specific to each movie.  So if you’re one of those party people who loves to go all out for your gatherings, you can create themed drinks to go with your movie nights.  The book also features a guide for “light drinkers”, telling them which of the drinking rules they should ignore if they aren’t big into drinking or want to take it easy.

This is one of the things I really loved about the book.  This aspect makes it so that everyone in your group of friends can be included on the fun even if they aren’t big on drinking.  This way they can still participate without feeling like they’re being excluded or being party poopers.  It’s a nice addition, that shows how much thought they’ve put into the movies they’ve included. 

Lights Booze 2

Overall there’s a lot to enjoy in Lights Camera Booze.  If you’re looking to spice up your movie nights, or add something else in to your parties, this book of drinking games and other trivia is a great way to do it.  With a diverse list of movies to choose from, options for light drinkers, and a plethora of extras beyond the drinking aspects, this really is a book for everyone to enjoy.  Movie buffs will get a big kick out of it.

Since we don’t really have a rating system setup for books and such, I’m going to very simply list Lights Camera Booze as a definite BUY.  It’s worth your money if you’re into movies and having fun with your movie buddies. 

You can pick up your copy of the book from Amazon, or find it in your local book stores, right now.