Lord of the Infinite Licensing…

That wasn’t a typo; it’s supposed to be plural.  Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy 1 and 2, Pans Labyrinth, and Blade 2 but don’t hold that against him) is in charge of the next adventures into Middle Earth with Peter Jackson stepping back into a producer’s role.  To be honest I really like the change of leadership.   

My first choice will always be Jackson, but I feel Guillermo del Toro can bring a lot to the franchise.  First, del Toro is known for his absolutely beautiful creature design.  Whether or not you like the Hellboy films you cannot discount the cool creatures and monsters that inhabit its world.  I still feel Hellboy 2’s Angel of Death is one of the best looking monsters shot on film since the original Predator.  While he is sparser in his use of CGI, it really works for him.  Now this may stem from a tighter budget (which I’m sure won’t be an issue in Hobbit), or it may be a personal choice.  Either way his trolls and orcs and goblins are more than likely going to blow our minds.

The only thing I truly disagree with on this project is their need for two movies.  This feels more like a studio decision than a real need for properly representing the source material.  They have announced the second Hobbit movie is actually designed to fill the gaps between the trilogy and The Hobbit.  So they’ve successfully put all of The Hobbit into one film, but decided to go ahead and do two.  Sounds like a scheme to me, but I’ll be there to see more Hobbit on Goblin action when it releases.

I have faith del Toro and Jackson will make a quality film but I still don’t see the need for it.  It seems like the market is fairly saturated with all things Lord of the Rings.  Even now video game companies are still releasing games based off of other source material and little know Tolkien works.  Pile on top of this the influx of merchandise and new licensed tie-ins when the new films release and you are looking at an overload even nerds might shy away from.