Movie Decorations: Baby Einstein, Where Discovery Begins

Baby Einstein was founded on the basis of bringing close ties between parents and their little ones. Founded by Julie Clark, she wanted these products to contain a consistent exploration and bonding time with child and parents. The multitude of products sold (based on sounds, language, objects, signs, etc) were created from the point of view of the infant/toddler, setting this company apart as a rapid hit.


We will want to start with painting our walls so we can get the basic foundations out of the way before tackling the nightstand and wall stencils. Now, we are going to paint the top part 2/3 down the wall 100 Acre Morning. For those who might ask, “how can I achieve that straight line?” The easiest way to achieve our line is by using a laser level. Before marking our walls with any painter’s tape, make sure the wall is dust free. If we do not take that measure, we run the risk of having our tape pealing off the wall while painting.

There are a number of various kinds of painter’s tapes to use, but we recommend using Duck blue painter’s tape. Another helpful tip, purchase a high quality brush because if we skimp out and decide on that $0.79 brush, our paint brushes’ bristles will be coming out left and right. It will make our job more stressful as we will be spending all our time removing the bristles from our paint job. When painting along the painter’s tape, have the brush going parallel, so we do not run the risk of paint seepage beneath the tape. Now, after applying the 100 Acre Morning, let it completely dry.

Time could range depending on weather (temperature and humidity). We suggest removing the painter’s tape when the paint is slightly tacky. Be careful when removing it. Do not rip it off because it could pull the paint off the wall. Touching up that area could be an issue since we desire a clean paint line. Once the wall is completely dry, mask off the top section of the line so we can paint the bottom wall Skipping Stone.

Let the lower part of the wall dry before we prepare to do our tree stencil. Align the bottom of the tree with the dividing paint line. Paint the tree a Haycorn Brown. Paint the leaves the English Meadow. Use Fairy Godmother for our bird. The small and large grass tuft stencils are colored in English Meadow then overlaid with Fairy Godmother. Randomly place the grass tuft stencil across the “grass line” (or paint line). If we so choose, we can drop a 1/3 of the way down the paint line to add the stencil shape across the wall.

Assembled Tree Stencil (PDF) and Grass Stencil (PDF)


For the nightstand, we will want to take out the drawers so we can paint them separately then put them back together when the different pieces are bone dry. The nightstand will be painted Fluff and Stuff. The front of the drawers, we are going to use Fairy Godmother. For the alphabet stencils, we can purchase them from any arts and crafts store. Use a large alphabet stencil for the first letter of the baby’s name, which will be used on the second drawer, too. For the large letter and the “is for” will be painted with Pluto. The infant’s name will be etched in the Haycorn Brown.

Now, if the child’s name is longer than five words, we can easily swap up the stencils to be used on the dresser instead of the nightstand. The same colors will be used as before. The dresser will be done in Fluff and Stuff as the drawers in Fairy Godmother. From the tree stencil (pdf available under the nightstand), we will paint our branch with Haycorn Brown. We will be adding the leaves to the dresser with our English Meadow. Our small bird will be painted in a Pluto. On the bottom drawer, we will add a few tufts of grass in English Meadow and 100 Acre Morning.


Perhaps, we do have a skylight in our room. If we do, we will be painting the inner walls Fairy Godmother. If we have any wooden planks in the room, we will dress them up with the Haycorn Brown. Now, if we want to paint our ceiling to tie it in a cohesive manner, we will use these colors as a general guide. The Haycorn Brown will be used in sections to break  the colors as we will be alternating paint sections on the ceiling in Baby Bee Yellow and Fluff and Stuff.

We can create simple beams (by using moldings) like a coffered ceiling (minus the cross beams) which will provide depth and a nice contrast in the room. Having vaulted ceilings, this effect will add accents and create visual interest in the room. Remember, we do not want to over do it in the room especially if it is small. It will clash with our design. The design is simple and we want to retain that design element. So, if we are working with a small room use smaller moldings just to add that dimension. Keep that in mind while we decorate our room.

*Tips: If you want easy clean up, try using a latex paint. It is good for beginning painters and usually is priced cheaper than oil base. Clean up is a real breeze with only soap and water to the brush. Unlike oil, it typically covers in one coat. Now, if you want durability and resistant to wear and tear, oil is a good choice. It is normally more expensive, sometimes double the price. If your child has a whim to scribble on the walls, it tends to clean up nicely. Oil paints can require special brushes, and you will have to use paint thinner to clean the brushes. Keep in mind, removing oil based paints stains can be more difficult than with latex.

This room is an excellent for a newborn entering into the world of Baby Einstein. You will share the wonders of what Baby Einstein has to offer as well as incorporating a light and airy Baby Einstein inspired room design. Enjoy adding personality to the room for your growing infant