New ‘Let Me In’ poster intrigues the mind

let me in

Overture Films has brought us a fresh yet twisted concept in its poster design for Let Me In.

Directed by Matt Reeves, Let Me In is based off the novel Let the Right One In and the Swedish film. The 2010 movie will follow the book’s original 1980’s time period. The adaption has changed character names and location. Mild tweaks from the Swedish film were made to have wider access to audiences plus pushing the fright scenes for effect. Essentially, you’re looking at the same movie but American-British horror instead of Swedish. The storyline (for those who are not familiar with either novel or foreign film) is about a young 12-year-old boy who forges a friendship with a vampire girl in New Mexico.

Looking at the poster, it piques interest as the young girl is anything but an angel. The bold attempt of a snow angel draws you into view the expression of the girl, but leaves you with doubts on her youthful ways. The white portraying the innocence of Abby is marred by the splotches of truth (blood). It slowly unravels the mystery of who this young child could be. The bloodstains could have been tweaked to mirror blood instead of watercolor stain spots. Great concept but will it reflect in the movie?

Let Me In hits theaters next month, October 1.

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