New ‘Megamind’ trailer spoils the fun

DreamWorks Animation’s new trailer release has ruined the anticipation.

Directed by Tom McGrath, Megamind (Will Ferrell) plays a super-villain who destroys his archrival, Metro Man (Brad Pitt). Leading a life of boredom, he conjures up an idea of constructing his own enemy, Titan (Jonah Hill). Titan takes what powers are given to him and turns the tables by wanting to obliterate the world. Megamind is now forced to be the good guy and to save the day! Sounds familiar, no?

When I saw the first trailer in theaters, I thought it had potential. I do love Ferrell and Pitt so I was slightly biased until I saw the new trailer DreamWorks assembled. You have your entire movie in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. It is more than predictable, but what kid movie isn’t? Even though these types of films have expected outcomes at least they have entertainment value for the entire family. This looks like it has major flop written all over it.

Megamind releases November 5.