New ‘Resident Evil: Afterlife’ clip lacks exhilaration

In the new clip for the upcoming Resident Evil film, Ali Larter fights the Executioner.

Screen Gems released the new clip just before the opening on September 10th. Featuring Ali Larter and the Executioner, the two go at it head to head as the enormous mutant attacks Larter with his rather colossal and ridiculous looking axe. The clip hosts tons of slow motion, gushing fountain of water, wire acrobatics and one angry bad guy!

During this year’s Comic Con, the cast revealed that this scene had to be one of the most expensive because of Jovovich’s clumsy antics. As she was going to fire off the gun, her aim was quite off as it resulted in shattering a camera’s glass screen. Talk about hundred thousands dollars being flushed down the drain!

After watching the clip it proved to be lackluster in my opinion. Maybe in its 3D element and the leading up to the action scene will save it from it’s dull and drab sequence. I do hope the movie is not a reflection on this mere one-minute clip.