On Comedy

Comedies on the other hand require much more.  The entirety of a comedy relies on solid acting and a good script.  Without those two working together, the film will fall flat.  Comedic actors have to work much harder to suck you into the character.  They have to be believable enough for us to relate to them, yet be able to be placed in the most ludicrous of situations.  These actors have to perform a much wider range of facial expressions, emotions, and voices than any other performer.  That’s why I hate how the Academy disregards these actors when it comes Oscar time.

Think about it.  Every comedic actor who’s delved into a serious drama did an incredible job and were praised highly for it.  Jim Carrey, Jaime Kennedy (beautiful in Criminal Minds), and if you weren’t impressed with Robin Williams as a serial killer there is no hope for you.  Will Smith is one of the biggest actors in the world today, and takes home more money per film than any other, but he started as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  It requires more talent to be a good comedic actor, if it didn’t, none of them would have crossed over successfully.

One of my comedy pet peeves are films with no story.  They rely on sight-gags, followed by crude humor and unrelated parodies.  I am talking about Scary Movie (not the first one), Superhero Movie, Not Another Teen Movie, and definitely Meet the Spartans.  A good comedy has a storyline the film follows, with the situations and surrounding circumstances providing the humor.  The Hangover is one of the best films of this past summer, and was hilarious because of the story; no gags required.  

The genre has been over run by these lame comedies because they lack combining good story with good acting.  This means many of the better films are overlooked come award time.  We need to support those films that stand out and get those other films off the market.