Our Most Anticipated Fall 2018 Movies

The Summer movie season is drawing to a close, having delivered on some incredible films (along with a few duds). Now, we get to look forward to the chill in the air and warming up with some of the excellent looking films coming up for the last part of the year. Here, our contributors have chosen the top five films they’re each looking forward to this Fall: 

trailer for creed ii


The Predator – To be entirely honest, there’s only a couple films this whole YEAR I’ve looked forward to more than The Predator. The science fiction franchise is one of my favorites and I’m crossing my fingers this return to the big screen is everything action/monster movie fans have been longing for. 

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – Holy crap this movie looks amazing. As a long time Spider-Man fan, and someone who loves the Miles Morales incarnation, everything about the movie has been impressive. The animation style is so neat and brings together a comic book style that no other comic movie has been able to deliver. The characterizations seem spot on, with great humor and a bunch of awesome characters involved…It’s gonna be a good one. 

Serenity – This movie looks crazy in all the best ways (Gone Girl vibes galore) and it entirely snuck up on me. First I heard anything about it, was watching the incredibly tense trailer in the theater a couple months back, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. The noir style story, coupled with some impressive looking performances and actors I love makes for a film I can’t wait to check out. 

Overlord – Even though the film wasn’t fully revealed until just recently, there’s no denying how incredible Overlord looks. The WWII setting with zombies is one Hell of a premise and the trailer was packed full of great moments. If the full film can keep all that momentum going, we’re in for an incredible ride. 

Creed II – I’ve been looking forward to Creed II the moment the credits rolled on Creed. The previous film was so incredibly well done and remains one of the best entries in the Rocky franchise. While it’s a bummer that director Ryan Coogler isn’t back for the sequel, I’m still hopeful that the story and cast can deliver on another powerful journey. 

The Fall movie season is just as packed as the Summer (if not moreso), so it was really difficult to narrow it down. I’m eager to see Venom along with Aquaman, Mortal Engines, Halloween, Ralph Breaks the Internet, and more. Just going off of gut instinct, and things that popped into my head first, I had to go with those five. 

It’s really crazy that for the first time in a few years, there’s not a Star Wars movie to put on my Fall list. Even so, there are some movies coming out that still have my hype in overdrive. 

Bad Times at the El Royale trailer


Widows – Director Steve McQueen returns with an awesome cast! Four women, all newly widowed, have to commit  a big crime in order to get out of the debt that their criminal husbands left them in. There’s really nothing about this film that we shouldn’t to be looking forward to!

First Man – This is Ryan Gosling re-teaming with the amazingly talented Damien Chazelle to take on the legendary moon landing in 1969. Ryan Gosling plays Neil Armstrong, which sounds pretty good all by itself. It’s also got Kyle Chandler and Claire Foy in supporting rolls.

Suspiria – I’m a big fan or Dario Argento’s original Suspiria. Remakes are rarely worth the time, but word of mouth says Luca Guadagnino’s new version is something special. Tilda Swinton is here, looking creepy and cool all at once. Supposedly this movie is graphic and shocking, so count me in!

Bad Times at the El Royale – This is the return of director Drew Goddard (Cabin in the Woods). The film is about many people gathered in a hotel on the border between Nevada and California. Things appear to get much darker from there. The cast for this movie is nuts. It’s got Jeff Bridges, Dakota Johnson, Jon Hamm, Chris Hemsworth, and more. 

The Predator – I’ve only ever been a fan of the first Predator film from the 80’s. All of the sequels, reboots, and crossover movies since then have all fallen short of the glory of the original. That brings us to The Predator, coming out September 14. This film is written and directed by Shane Black (Iron Man 3, The Nice Guys), who just might be the ingredient this franchise has been missing. One of Black’s trademarks as a writer is his wit and comedic sensibilities… which could hurt, or help, a franchise such as this. Either way, I’m excited to see what he does!  

First Man


Mid90s – Growing up in the 90s and being into skateboarding makes this film feel catered to me. I’m not as hyped on the trailer as I wanted to be. But the concept and my curiosity about Jonah Hill as a writer/director makes this a must see for me. 

First Man – I’m a huge fan of Damien Chazelle based on Whiplash and La La Land. I’m excited to see him re-team with Ryan Gosling and it feels like a departure for him by not having a film based around jazz music. Unless Neil Armstrong was a jazz musician on the side. I wouldn’t be surprised. Plus I love science fiction and this is one of the rare science non-fiction films that exist! 

Mandy – I like Nicolas Cage. Unapologetically. People crap on him and his film choices and I love it every time he releases a film that shuts down that narrative. I think Mandy has huge potential to do this and give some ammunition to me and the other Nicolas Cage defenders out there. Please be good! 

Old Man and The Gun – I was so enamored with David Lowery’s A Ghost Story that I will be excited about everything he does from now on. This reminds me of some of the more low-key western and indie films of the 1970s. I couldn’t help but think of director Monte Hellman while watching this trailer. It seems like the film will lean heavily on aesthetic and mood more than plot and action which is something I like in a film! 

The Favourite – I absolutely loved The Killing of a Sacred Deer. It was one of the most underappreciated films of last year. Director Yorgos Lanthimos has one of the most unique voices in current cinema in my opinion and his newest film looks to continue that trend. His films also have a knack for producing trailers that intrigue and hook you without telling you exactly what to expect with the film which I appreciate and I always get very excited to see the movie while still having that feeling of not knowing what I’m about to walk into.



Suspiria – I’m not a fan of unnecessary remakes of beloved cult films, but for this one I could make an exception. At least from what we’ve seen so far, things look good. It seems to echo the approach of the original, rather than create “an original version”. Also, Tilda is in it, and so that fact ratchets up my anticipation as well. 

Mary, Queen of Scots – I have a soft spot for historical films telling the stories of famous kings and queens. There’s just this fascination I have with seeing history brought to life. This film tells one of the most infamous of those type of stories. It also features two of my favorite actresses squaring off against each other. 

First Man – Another historical film, this time retelling the story of one of mankind’s greatest accomplishments. I am interested to see what Damien Chazelle does with a non-music related topic. So far he has been great as director, and I have no doubt that his proficiency will continue. 

The House With A Clock in its Walls – Eli Roth hasn’t exactly found a lot of success lately, and so maybe a change in approach is required. This film could be that refreshing change of pace that he needs to refocus his creative energy. With a great cast, and Spielberg’s production company behind it, I am expecting good things. 

Bohemian Rhapsody – I grew up listening to Queen, so of course I want to see this film. I’m interested to see how the filmmakers navigate the more delicate topics associated with Freddie Mercury’s life. I’m hoping it will be a solid homage rather than just an attempt to cash in on the band’s legacy. 



The Predator – I might be the only person that likes all the predator movies. Yes, ALL OF THEM, even the AvP crossover movies. YESSS,  even Adrien Brody as an action star in “Predators”. I’m pretty sure I’m going to like this one also. I mean – we have a predator hunting humans who is in turn being hunted by a super predator. Just pass the popcorn and shush!

Venom – I’m not sure if I really want to see this movie or be a witness to when Amy Pascals’ career come to screeching, flaming halt when this thing gets released. However the movie seems to be loosely following the Ultimate storyline where you really don’t need a Spider-Man involved, but ya know whatever, y’all keep whining about #ButNoSpidermanTho.

Halloween – The Halloween franchise has been a royal mess for a long time. I like Michael, but even when Jamie Lee Curtis returned in Halloween Water … um I mean H20: 20 Years Later it wasn’t good. Rob Zombie tried to reboot the series and did an excellent job with the first movie then smoked a bunch of weed and I’m guessing dropped a ton of acid, then made H2 which was a real (MAJOR) letdown from the previous film. So now we’re going to make one that’s a direct sequel to the 1978 movie and tell Laurie’s story 40 years later after that first fateful night. OK, I’m in.

Aquaman – After his performance in Justice League I was onboard with Aquaman. That is all, let’s do this.

Bumblebee – The only good thing/character to come from the Transformers franchise. Please do not F&[email protected] this up!

bohemian rhapsody voce di freddie mercury quella di 3 persone maxw 654


Bohemian Rhapsody – From the moment the first trailer released, I have said that this was going to be on my list of Most Anticipated Movies and here we are!  Every trailer has given me goosebumps, mainly due to the incredible music of Queen. Rami Malek looks amazing, the movie looks fun and exciting, and let’s face it I’m just a sucker for biopics.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald – The fact that this movie is not on my colleagues lists is a travesty. I adored the first Fantastic Beasts film, and if I’m honest I didn’t think I would. I’m such a die-hard Harry Potter faithful that it seemed so weird to me that they would build a new series based off of a tiny book J.K. Rowling wrote in her past time. 

However, it’s become something much more than its original source material. This series has opened itself up to the war between Grindelwald and Dumbledore, Jude Law vs Johnny Depp with Eddie Redmayne in the crosshairs, I cannot wait!  Oh and Nicholas Flamel is going to be in it!  If you’re not excited, you have to check your pulse.

Ralph Breaks the Internet – I LOVED Wreck-It Ralph when it released in 2012. It was hilarious, heartwarming, and had just the right amount of video game call-backs to hook me in. The trailers for Ralph Breaks the Internet has it looking just as good, if not better, than the first. The Disney Princess group therapy session still has me rolling.

Creed II – In terms of serious films, this is the end-all-be-all movie of the year for me. Creed I was incredible, with memorable performances from Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone. They’re back and in a story that will pit Adonis vs Drago’s son. It’s going to be gritty. It’s going to be raw. It’s going to be personal.  

Aquaman – There are so many movies I’d like to add to this list, but I’d be on the fast-track to developing Carpal Tunnel, if I did. So, I’ll leave with it with Aquaman.  So far, WB/DC has proven that their best films are when their team is separate. I still love Man of Steel, Wonder Woman was incredible, and Aquaman looks like enormous fun.  I’ve been a Jason Momoa fan boy since his time on The Game and Stargate Atlantis.  He has proven to be an awesome actor and a sensational Aquaman. I have no doubt, Aquaman will continue the trend of good solo DC superhero flicks at WB.

under the silver lake


Under The Silver Lake – This was on my top 5 anticipated for the Summer. Unfortunately it got pushed back and has some bad word of mouth, but nevertheless I’m still excited for this noir film from the director of It Follows.

Mandy – Seems like Nicolas Cage at full crazy and that’s something I will gladly sign up for and watch.

Old Man and the Gun– Starring Robert Redford and directed by David Lowery. The director of Ain’t Them Body Saints teams up with Robert Redford in a film that feels like the old 70s films Redford used to star in. I can’t wait.

Bad Times at El Royale – Drew Goddard helped write and directed Cabin in the Woods which deconstructed the horror genre and I loved it. This time he’s got  got a star-studded cast: John Hamm and Chris Hemsworth, just to scratch the surface. Opening night I’m there.

First Man – I love space and space movies, and with Damien Chazzelle and Ryan Gosling teaming up to tell the story of Neil Armstrong, and it’s in IMAX, just try and stop me from going…



Slaughterhouse Rulez – Seems like a lot of people are overlooking this film, but i am a huge fan of most Simon Pegg and Nick Frost films. If this movie is anything like Shaun of the Dead, The World’s End, or Hot Fuzz I will enjoy it no matter how goofy the plot is.

Venom – I have wanted a good Venom in a movie since the announcement that Topher Grace was going to play Eddie Brock in to 2007 trash hit Spider-Man 3. I know in my mind that Tom Hardy will do an amazing job in this film, but the fact that it is not in the MCU and that the trailers have show huge plot points for some, I am worried it won’t be the hit Sony needs it to be. 

Alita: Battle Angel – It has been 25 years since Alita: Battle Angel was converted from a manga to an anime film. James Cameron has been the biggest driving force on making this anime in to a live action film. The over all cast looks pretty awesome, CGI looks spectacular, and overall presentation of the movie looks like something i’m really going to get into.  

Aquaman – It’s Jason Momoa and Amber Heard. That is all.

Overlord – This is the movie i have been wanting for years. I have said it since the creation of Call of Duty Zombies, we need a GOOD, over the top, Nazi zombie film and with the help of JJ Abrams…It is going to be just what I have been waiting for.

The Predator – Just as I said with Aquaman, and it’s The Predator, that is all. 

Spider Verse

2018 has been a pretty amazing year for films in general so far, and it looks to be ending things with even more incredible movies. Hopefully, all of these turn out to be as amazing as we hope, and that there are a few more suprises along the way. Which films are you most looking forward to in Fall 2018? Let us know YOUR top five picks on Twitter by tagging us and using the #5FallFilms tag!

-Cinelinx Team