Robert Downey Jr. Voted Most Valuable Star for Second Year in a Row

The annual list of the 100 Most Valuable Stars is compiled each year by the site The site creates the well-known list by consulting an independent statistical analyst who collects data, including each actor’s E-Score and how aware the general public is of a particular performer. Other factors that go into the rankings include the stars’ box office clout, their overall likability, their Oscar wins, their total appearances in tabloids and their mentions on Twitter.

For the second time, Robert Downey Jr. has captured the title of big screen MVP, due to his immense success in films like The Avengers and Iron Man 3, which are the highest-grossing films from the past two years, and are also two of the top five earning films ever made. The site notes that Downey’s appeal is “off the charts.” They add, “It will take a superhuman effort for anyone to top him.” Not bad for a guy who’s career was once almost sunk due to his past drug arrests. Now, the man who was once fired from Ally McBeal is the most sought after performer in the movie game.

The highest-ranking actress on the list was Jennifer Lawrence, who has the honor of being a feature player in two successful franchises; The Hunger Games films and the X-Men series.  She also very recently won an Oscar for her role in Silver Linings Playbook. Look for her in the upcoming films Hunger Games: Catching Fire and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Lawrence was number three overall on the list. Leonardo DiCaprio took the second place spot. Sondra Bullock and Brad Pitt rounded out the top five.